It seems the Gov has many ways to control Americans. Here is yet another.
I am disappointed on (3) fronts.

1) That a charge over 40 yrs old is banning this vet from a firearm.
2) FOX News is not reporting the "WHY" behind this denial which is apparent.
3) This type of un-researched reporting is harmful to the Pro 2A movement.

So I see yet another way the Gov can and will get the guns by simply changing other laws that seem OK on their face.
(i.e) Unless a citizen is squeaky clean, ownership of a weapon will be impossible.
What's next?....Spitting on the sidewalk as a reason to deny?

Veteran denied gun permit for charge in 1968 | Fox News Video

Second Degree Assault (Maryland Law)

Less serious than first degree assault, though still considered a serious offense is second degree assault. You could be facing this charge if you are accused of any general assault that does not classify under the rules of First Degree Assault.

In other words, if you touch someone else in an unwanted manner that could be perceived as unwanted, offensive, or potentially harmful (whether or not it causes injury), you could be charged with this offense.

Generally, assault in the 2nd degree is a misdemeanor though it carries a maximum potential sentence of 10 years. However, if the assault was committed on a law enforcement or probation officer, that assault charge will be entered as a felony.