"They won't take away our guns...

"They won't take away our guns...

This is a discussion on "They won't take away our guns... within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; ... They won't leave us defenseless... They won't "infringe" on our second amendment rights." That's the "feeling" they're trying to get us to sense... They ...

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Thread: "They won't take away our guns...

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    "They won't take away our guns...

    ... They won't leave us defenseless... They won't "infringe" on our second amendment rights."

    That's the "feeling" they're trying to get us to sense...

    They just want "common sense" restrictions based on the language in the recent SCOTUS decisions.

    Universal background checks... We passed them any way... No big deal.

    We don't "need" battlefield weapons to defend our homes. Any rifle or shotgun will do just fine.
    No "need" for extended mags, over 7-10 rounds... And we have admitted we can change them out quickly... Meh.

    We may not be able to carry in schools, but we can't now, so what the hey? But they've given us shall issue in several states... So, it's all good, right?

    And... They believe themselves, and everything sounds so reasonable toJohn and Jane Doe... It's just common sense...

    And nobody is telling John and Jane any different... And it's one heck of a learning curve to teach them...

    So, how are we trying to win the hearts and minds of the "non combatives?" And who's doing it?
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    I spread the word of stories pulled from this and that, tails of heroism and defeat, defending the weak, saving your fellow countryman from the evil that plagues the minds of those who would do us ill. But serioulsy, I plainly put out there the facts and busted myths, real life accounts of SD and deturrents. The only way I see converting "non-combatives" to gun-totin, card caryin, NRA poster boys, is one at a time.
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    Unfortunately, to those who are ignorant of guns (other than the movies and our unbiased media) we are suspect.

    Criminals waiting to happen.

    I tell folks we need to be doing it better than the other guy. Not because we don't want to be the nail that gets hammered, but because there is a stereotype to those who own guns that are not strictly for hunting. If you carry a gun or own some breed of semiauto rifle, then you are a cop, a potential lawbreaker, or you must have a checkered past to feel you need such precautions.

    This is what the antis think of us, and that is why I say we must now of all times prove that we are safe, responsible, reputable people. They won't change their views, but those who have no real knowledge just might.

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    The above two replies are correct. People who carry a gun for defensive purposes are suspect in the minds of many. It's up to us to change their minds, and it can be done, not all of them of course, but many of them are just ignorant of the facts. I talk to as many people as I can about guns, the 2A, etc. I have witnessed several people I talked to change their attitude once they are better informed. As noted in a post above, we must do it one person at a time.

    Some of the member here have said they are not ambassadors for gun owners and don't want to be. I say that's bunk! Like it or not we are all ambassadors. We must embrace this fact and do what we can to change the attitudes of others. We may not feel comfortable doing it, but in this time of upheaval about guns, it's a necessity.

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    I tell my story when my crazy neighbor and her mob showed up to break into my house and 'teach me a lesson'. No one has been able defend their anti views on that one...
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    And who would believe them................?

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