Get ready for the long fight

Get ready for the long fight

This is a discussion on Get ready for the long fight within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; As of 6am (MST) the House has shifted to the Democraps, the Senate is still undecided. Just as bad, the majority of Governorships have also ...

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Thread: Get ready for the long fight

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    Get ready for the long fight

    As of 6am (MST) the House has shifted to the Democraps, the Senate is still undecided. Just as bad, the majority of Governorships have also gone over to the dark side. I think we're going to see some tough days ahead, and it could (and probably will) get worse in 2 years from now.

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    The 2nd Amendment is going to be under attack, no doubt about it.

    Better go out now and stock up on 10+ mags, handguns, rifles, etc. And if you don't have a CCW permit yet, apply today. Don't wait.

    It's gonna be a long haul.

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    unfortunately I think y'all are we go again
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    Need to win lottery to stock up on 10+ mags, ammo, rifles, 1911's, more 1911, and then some more ammo and mags :)
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    I agree.

    I would expect to see Pelosi and her ilk introduce another AWB in the not too distant future. The 2nd Amendment will be under assault from the Dems and I wouldn't be surprised to see some type of bill that outlaws CCW introduced in congress at some point.

    My fear is, while Clinton was bad for the 2A and we lovers of freedom, this could be worse.

    Dig your foxhole deep, it may be a few years before this fight dies down.
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    Not a happy start to the day at all. What I feared.

    Reminder tho folks - express your unhappiness by all means but - no political debate per se.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PT-111 View Post
    I agree.

    I would expect to see Pelosi and her ilk introduce another AWB in the not too distant future. The 2nd Amendment will be under assault from the Dems and I wouldn't be surprised to see some type of bill that outlaws CCW introduced in congress at some point.
    They've introduced it every year since it expired. Some versions, IIRC, called not just for a ban on sales but made possession unlawful.

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    While no Democrats rode anti-gun issues to office the new leadership has it as one of their pet projects and we all need to be worried.

    The bottom line is the 2A is a very minor issue in the eyes of most Americans. Unless the current administration wakes up and smells the coffee things will be infinitely worse in 2 years.

    If you all think you have it bad come here to New York where the Dems swept just about everything. Even the Comptroller, who all admit is corrupt and may be indited, won with the same majority as the other Dems.

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    I really don't see them disarming us ccw or other wise). However, I do think that we all get caught up in the moment. I would not be worried one bit. We have a large voice in congress and believe it or not some demoncrats carry. I think by nature we love drama and we just love to have something to talk about and the demoncrats taking our guns and placing us under martial law is one of them. I voted yes, but do I worry, no, because ultimately things will be what they will be. Just do your part and hope for the rest. My 2cents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PT-111 View Post
    Hey, this is a family place...could you please not use words like that here. ...that is language of the most foul variety!

    On a serious note, I'm quite concerned with what the posible changes may bring...the republicans are two seats away from loosing control of the senate...that doesn't sit easy with me and I'm not a really even a republican (hey nobody is perfect and I'm no democrat either) ...BUT gun control is one of my major "issues" so they tend to get the vote from me on that. ...anyway, like I said, my mood is "uneasy" this morning and would like to know the fate of the senate. I can live with a dem house and a repub senate....but the possibility of both houses being controled by the dems scares me...even with Bush's veto power....
    But, being the optimist that I am, I will wait until all is said and done before I start to go on a rant about what might happen if the election goes in a direction that I don't like...

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    we just have to work a little harder. both candidates here in VA were fighting on who's the most pro-gun. if Dem. Jim Webb gets elected he'll back the 2A as Rep. George Allen. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

    It won't hurt to stockpile though :)

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    Makes me think twice about mentioning any guns I own on a public forum. Sadly, one of the key Senate races that is very close is here in Montana between Burns and tester. Burns (Republican) has screwed up a lot and tester (Democrat) is a very likable guy. No, I didn't vote for him.

    Republicans need to grow some balls and be the conservitives they were elected to be. I don't vote out of anger but out of what I feel is best for my country and my family. This is why as a conservitive Christian I NEVER vote Democrat. NEVER! Not for dog catcher. Nothing!
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    I just hope the shtf after January! I'm out of extra spending cash so I can't restock yet! DOH! Not that I'm not sort of stocked up already, but a little more never hurts

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    I wouldn't expect much to change until after 08 and then only if Hillary is elected. No way an AWB passes even now and no way any substantial anti gun measures pass.

    It does mean, however, that CCW liberlization will slow down and stop. Don't expect many restrictions to be waived anytime soon.

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    The thing that surprises me is that when I checked the NRA website, many of the Democrats there got A ratings from the NRA. In fact, there were quite a few Dems that the NRA was suggesting you vote for over the Republican candidate.

    So there's a bunch of Dems who have been elected on a pro-2a stance that I'm sure can keep Pelosi in line. The sword swings both ways. Honestly, the Dems didn't need to "adopt" a pro 2a stance to win this thing, the anti-war sentiment was enough I think, which makes me believe they are genuine.
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