More Foolishness From CO

More Foolishness From CO

This is a discussion on More Foolishness From CO within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I really feel for the folks in Colorado. Now some numbskull has in in her feeble mind to introduce this: Colorado considers gun ban for ...

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Thread: More Foolishness From CO

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    More Foolishness From CO

    I really feel for the folks in Colorado. Now some numbskull has in in her feeble mind to introduce this:

    Colorado considers gun ban for people suspected of being dangerous | Fox News

    I mean, how are they going to determine who they "suspect being dangerous." Does this mean physically, psychologically, or even worse, politically?
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    I'm sure there are many who suspect everyone of being dangerous. I think they're called Antis.
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    I think OV is onto the real truth. Before long, anyone who owns a gun will be suspect and considered, "dangerous".

    Dangerous because you own a own a gun because you're dangerous.

    The ultimate Catch 22 and stuff that Liberals dream of.
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    To avoid unfairly targeting someone, they will simply declare everyone dangerous.

    That way they can hit two of their favorites for the price of one: Being "fair" and disarming law-abiding citizens.

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    Afraid this is examples of what's coming....this is not just in's happening everywhere....

    N.Y. Dad?s Pistol License Suspended Over Something His 10-Year-Old Son Said ? and It Could Be 8 Years Before He Gets It Back |

    Find Out Why This 7-Year-Old Boy Is Facing Two Felony Charges Over BB Gun Incident |

    Seems the anti's have become insane and running wild. My main concern is we will see this, moron thinking, happening more and more in all walks of our lives.
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    The Colorado Dem's appear to believe themselves unstoppable after their recent "infringements"... I'm sure we can expect to see even more blatent unConstitutional actions from them as time passes. One can only speculate as to how this will all end, but odds are it won't be pretty.
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    Heck, the very reason I carry a firearm is to make myself dangerous. Obviously it's a condition limited to threats against myself and my family, but still... They could easily consider every one of us dangerous depending on how they word the "are you dangerous" quiz.

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    Guilty if accused, guilt by association with bad thoughts, guilt without oversight, adjudication or anything but the word of an "authority."

    Welcome to the brave, new world.
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    We're just a few days away from the 29th anniversary of the date written in the book... near the end of this clip...


    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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