Real Title: Radio host charges Cuomo/DHS conspiracy against gun owners
April 13, 2013t i
By: David Codrea

My Comments: Just read the article at the link. Also, I highly suggest you read Sal Alinksy's 'Rules for Radicals' ( Rules for Radicals - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) to understand how this tatict of nudging is exactly what is hapening right in front of you.

.....alleges there is “a clandestine squad” violating the Fourth Amendment and circumventing HIPAA privacy protections in order to revoke pistol permits from those who have been prescribed anti-depressants or who have undergone mental health treatment, calling that “tyranny, plainly and simply.”

....and told Bauerle their law firm is having information leaked to them from inside the state “that confirms everything that you just conveyed to the public.”

....The claim by the Erie County Clerk that New York State Police had simply provided “bad information” resulting in permit revocation and the confiscation of Amherst resident David Lewis’ guns is not true, Bauerle insists. “I’ve had it confirmed; the New York State Police are lying about him not being the guy they wanted.”

Police weren’t expecting Lewis to get a lawyer, Bauerle says, especially one who knows the Second Amendment.

“They had the guy they wanted,” Bauerle maintains, calling the official excuse “nonsense” and charging Gov. Cuomo “is a monomaniac on the subject of guns.” What happened, he explains, is that the state has a special HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) unit to search private medical records without warrants, and that Lewis was simply the first person to be caught up in that net.

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