Where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here?

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Thread: Where do we go from here?

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    Where do we go from here?

    Now that the gun control bills/amendments have been shelved until the next opportunity to exploit grieving family members, where do we as firearms owners go from here?

    One thing is clear after watching recent history, the mentality of the anti-gun crowd has changed. Previously, the debate was founded on the basis that although the sides disagreed on policy, each side assumed the other was acting in good faith. Since the early and mid 2000's, this is no longer the case. When President Zero, on multiple occasion, has implied that gun right supporters do not care about their kids as much as he does, or at all. The press conference after the Senate votes was just seething with ill will towards those that disagreed with the gun control proponents. Likewise, gun rights lobbies, most notably the NRA, have been demonized along the same lines. We just came off an election where the President, through his supporting PAC, accused his opponent of murdering a man's wife. The Senate Majority leader claimed without proof, that the opponent did not pay taxes in 10 years. The media was even more of an advocate for one side than before.

    Since the demonization worked, and it is easier to play on emotions than form an argument, firearms owners should be ready to counter what is underway. The anti gun forces and media helpers want to create a caricature of firearms owners that will turn the non-hardcore anti, non firearms owners against us. This is the long game they are playing now and it is a 24/7/365 event. They have other avenues they will try, such as the United Nations, but as the same time, they will be working to demonize and marginalize firearms owners into the new smokers.

    Personally, I plan to be more open with people about why I own firearms and enjoy shooting them. Simply, I cannot afford to hire a bodyguard for me or my family, so I have to do it myself. I have also found the hobby a challenge much like golf, only I have to practice shooting more because I have to be good and consistent given the nature of firearms. I know I won't convince a hard core anti, but they are not the intended audience. I want to be helpful and educate those who do not know what they think on firearms. This way, they will not believe the caricature.

    The question for all of us is in the words of Sean Connery in The Untouchables, "What are you prepared to do?"

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    Work to elect good congressman/woman who will champion our cause and stop the bleeding of our tax dollars!

    VOTE the Libs, aka progressives, socialist, and dems out!

    If I were King, "Off With Their Heads!"

    “It does not take a majority to prevail … but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men!”
    Samuel Adams

    "In an insane society a sane man must appear insane." Spock & Movie "Serial"

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    Personally,i'm going to do what i have always tried to do.Keep trying to find out,what my state,may,or,may not pass.Then,who is pushing for what,when it comes to federal.I'm going to keep up with the laws,at least,in my state. I've always enjoyed shooting,and,talking about it.If a person doesn't like guns,i don't discuss,unless,they ask.It's a personal choice,and,involves a gun.That's just me.

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