Do Strict Gun Laws Really Stop Gun Crime?

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Thread: Do Strict Gun Laws Really Stop Gun Crime?

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    Do Strict Gun Laws Really Stop Gun Crime?

    This is a good article to read. The video interview with Dr Gary Kleck is quite good.

    Do Strict Gun Laws Really Stop Gun Crime?
    Apr. 22, 2013 11:00pm Mytheos Holt

    This article is part of a series on Guns in America that explores the use of firearms in our country and the debate over gun control. This is an editorially independent series sponsored by Tactical Firearms Training Secrets.

    Ask any gun control advocate for their reasoning behind preferring more restrictions on firearms, and you’re sure to hear a very shopworn argument: That states with tougher gun laws have fewer gun related crimes, thus partially obviating the need for self defense.

    The more lax gun laws are, the argument goes, the more likely one is to face someone with a firearm who has no business owning one. This is especially the case with respect to so-called assault weapons, where advocates of a ban can point to at least one study that shows that states that implement a ban on such weapons are less likely to suffer from gun violence.

    Yet according to at least one expert — constitutional historian Robert Cottrol – assault weapons bans are “a fraud” perpetrated “to fool the public into accepting a movement that had been rejected not simply in conservative red states, but also in blue states.” Others are even more forceful, rejecting the idea that gun control is effective at all.

    Read More: Do Strict Gun Laws Really Stop Gun Crime? |
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    No, they don't. Remember - "Thou Shalt Not Murder" has been on the books since ancient times and it hasn't done a thing to stop it. Of course, law-abiding citizens will not murder and will not commit any other crimes, but having strict laws on the books only accomplishes one thing - provides for punishment of those who do commit crimes.
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    Kleck has his head screwed on tightly and his eyes well-focused. He's not allowed the abusive and caustic politics in our culture to alter reasoned perception of the reality of our world: predators exist; criminals don't listen to laws; ripping the horns off the elk doesn't help the elk survive attack from wolves.

    Kudos for Kleck for being a bright light in a dim world.
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    Of course they do. With good, solid gun control in place, law abiding citizens will no longer be able to.... oh, wait.....
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    Stricter gun laws will stop crime, just like stricter drug laws have stopped... I mean slowed... err... ummm.... reduced.....
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    Sure gun control works.As so many know,Chicago,is a great example,smh

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    Those committing 'gun crimes', whatever that is, have already broken several laws. Think about it - when BGs go to rob a 7-11 do you think the criminals say "Hey, wait, isn't it against the law, can't you get into trouble, oh, and hey, look we've got guns under our coats, isn't that illegal?"

    Looking more broadly at criminal penalties. Prisons are just 'grad school for predators'. They get out on parole and immediately commit crimes, only they do a "better job" of it, having gained skill in prison.


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