Response from Senator Bill Nelson

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Thread: Response from Senator Bill Nelson

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    Response from Senator Bill Nelson

    So immediately following the vote on the Background checks I sent an email to Senator Bill Nelson and informed him of how disappointed I was as a voter of his state in his choice to vote for the background checks. ALso, let him know that I had voted for him in the past based on his always stating he was pro 2nd amendment. Today I received my reply from him. This is better tap dancing than what used to be on Star Search... Please see his reply below:

    Date: April 30, 2013, 12:50:06 PM EDT
    Subject: RE: Your response from Senator Bill Nelson
    Please do not reply to this e-mail. If you need to send another message to Senator Nelson, please use the form on his Web site: Bill Nelson, U.S. Senator from Florida: Contact Bill

    Dear Mr.

    Thank you for contacting me regarding your concerns about gun control.

    I grew up on a ranch and have been a hunter since I was a boy. I have had guns all my life. I support a person's constitutional right to bear arms. I support the Second Amendment.

    And, I support universal background checks so that we can know if a person buying a weapon has a criminal record.

    Solutions for reducing gun violence must address many areas, from protecting law enforcement and keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals, to school safety, and access to mental health services.

    I appreciate hearing your views on this very important issue, and I will keep them in mind as the debate continues. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future.

    Bill Nelson

    P.S. From time to time, I compile electronic news briefs highlighting key issues and hot topics of particular importance to Floridians. If you'd like to receive these e-briefs, visit my Web site and sign up for them at Bill Nelson, U.S. Senator from Florida: eBriefs
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    He's the worst kind because he claims to be pro gun and pro 2A and yet undermines our rights. That's disingenuous and not worthy of anyone's respect. Be what you are and don't claim to be something you're not. He's a liberal anti-gun towing the party line. Expect nothing else.
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    I wouldn't write to that turncoat-traiter, forked-tounged, poor excuse for a representative...and those are his GOOD qualities.
    He's just been re-elected so he has 6 more years to care less...Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
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    He is either too stupid to understand the underlying issue or he thinks you are too stupid to call him out. Probably the latter.
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    He retires at the end of this term, thus is not seeking re-election, and could care less what any of us think about much of anything.
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    Same Xerox'd copy I got. He's not there because of my vote, that's for sure.
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    Bill Nelson also voted in favor of turning our second amendment rights over to the U.N. via the U.N. Small Arms Treaty.

    .....This man should be tried for Treason as he swore to uphold and protect the Constituion of the United States. He is doing everything to destroy it.
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    Same response I get. I've called his office and reminded his staff the Second Amendment has nothing to do with the right to grow up on a farm.

    Also, when I challenged them on exempting themselves from Obamacare they lied through their teeth.

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    IMO the legals that want to side step truths seem to have the same letter writer and have sent it out to all that question ones stance. I have received 5 antis letter back and only a few words are changed and they may be taking a class on how to dance around the the true problem back in D.C.

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    He doesn't seem to be dancing, so much as not getting the reality.

    A few criminals, yes, attempt to purchase guns at gun stores, and known criminals with felonious backgrounds get denied (but not arrested/charged, sadly). Most of them simply go elsewhere, and it's not as though forcing upstanding citizens to transact through dealers is going to change where vast majority of felons acquire their weaponry. Reality fail, on his part.
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    Same canned response I have gotten from him everytime I contact him about firearm issues.
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    Senator As*hat. 'nuff said.

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    Nelson's office workers are as dumb as he, I got the same form letter as yours twice. I got the first back in reply to an e-mail about the national background check bill and the second one in reply to an e-mail about their attempt to opt out of Obamacare.

    I have lost all faith and trust in all of our elected officials including Rubio.
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    That's the same "canned" garbage i got from him a while back. The next time I wrote to him I reminded him that the 2A has nothing to do with growing up on a ranch and hunting, etc. I didn't get a response to that email.

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    When I was stationed at Patrick in the 80's, I told several friends of mine in the area that Bill Nelson was NOT the right person to represent Florida in the United States Senate and if I could have, I would have voted for anybody but him. I am proud to say this last go-around I did NOT vote for this turncoat. And I have received similar missives from him about this issue and others.
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