twisted logic

twisted logic

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Thread: twisted logic

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    twisted logic

    This nice piece of twisted logic was posted on another forum, I kind of like it, as it indirectly addresses our 2nd Amendment attacks.

    "by David Henderson

    So it seems that we have been struck by radicalized islamists once again (Boston Marathon bombing in case you forgot) and people are wondering what to do about the seemingly never ending threat of terrorism from these people. Fortunately the gun control crowd has offered us a solution.

    Muslims, we need you to go down to city hall and register your faith with the government and submit to a background check which we are going to need you to pay for. I know that 99.99 percent of you are law abiding, America loving, God fearing people, but because a handful of you have a propensity for violence; we’re going to need all of you to give up just a little of your religious freedom.

    I know what you’re thinking and your right, this country was founded on religious freedom, but the founders couldn't possibly have conceived of the kinds of things we are dealing with today. There was no such thing as a weapon of mass destruction in 1776, and wars were fought primarily by people in blue or red uniforms standing in a line shooting at each other across a field. So we can’t count on the judgment of a bunch of “old white guys” two hundred and some years ago to know what’s good for us today right?

    No one is telling you not to practice your religion, what this is about is making the rest of us, who don’t understand the way you exercise your constitutional freedoms feel safer, never mind the complete lack of efficacy these changes will actually have on preventing violence in the future, you guys surely understand that our feelings trump your freedom right?

    Anyhow, thanks for understanding, and enjoy your ride on the slippery slope with the rest of us."
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    Too bad this isn't a national thing for folks across the states to see

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    love it.
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    How much would any of you bet that they just wouldn't get it? As with so many people, they choose see the splinter in our eyes but not the plank in theirs.

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    The liberals don't seem to think 11 million people here illegally need any kind of paperwork either, and they want to automatically make them citizens...yet 100 million law abiding US citizen gun owners they want to register. That's a twisted bit of logic you just can't reach.
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    Actually, this is a pretty good analogy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaius View Post
    Actually, this is a pretty good analogy.
    Yep... More I thought about it... the more accurate it became... I've copied it. I've pasted it... and will be sharing it with my liberal friends.

    About the only thing missing is the paragraph explaining how any conversations that take place between two Muslims will have to be approved, and they will have to have those conversations at a federally licensed listener... And that any gatherings outside of a federally licensed mosque will have to take place with federally licensed listeners at all the tables.

    And simple statements repeated frequently... something like
    "We're not going to take you religion."
    "Nobody is coming for your religion"
    "If it stops one bombing"
    "No one needs to have conversations about jihad"
    "It's only common sense"
    "If it saves just one 8 year old boy"
    "It will be illegal to save any of the conversations, there will be no record, (unless it was a criminal conversation)"
    "The jihadis will HAVE to get their plans now, have them listened to, don't you see?" < (that's kinda an Uncle Joe-ism there.)
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    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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