Justfacts.com - Great statistics

Justfacts.com - Great statistics

This is a discussion on Justfacts.com - Great statistics within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; This is an interesting site with a lot of good information. If it has been posted or discussed before, sorry (I did a search on ...

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Thread: Justfacts.com - Great statistics

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    Justfacts.com - Great statistics

    This is an interesting site with a lot of good information. If it has been posted or discussed before, sorry (I did a search on the threads and titles for justfacts.com but couldn't come up with anything). So here you go:


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    Very interesting site. Good find!! Thanks for posting that!
    The Gunsite Blog
    ITFT / Quick Kill Review
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    Thanks for posting this, walther1.

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    Excellent and thx.

    That particular page does indeed appear to have required enormous research.
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    Appreciated The Info...

    already added it to my 'favorites' list...

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    Thanks Walther :)

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    There is some really good information, even if a bit dated. There is also a bit that seems confusing. For example...

    * Armor piercing bullets have been referred to in the media as "cop killers." (37)
    The media don't know what 'armor piercing bullets' are and neither do many pro gun people. They seem to think, like much of the media, that any bullet that pierces soft armor is an armor piercing bullet. The problem here is that what are rated as "armor piercing bullets" are not referring to soft armor penetration, but hard armor.

    Soft armor, as used by officers and the military, doesn't stop a lot of rifle rounds. Spitzer tips go right through like ice picks. Cops have been killed by NON armor piercing rifle ammo that has defeated ballistic vests just like in the military. That is part of the reason the military has gone to hard armor plates in their body armor.

    Interestingly, the 37 citation isn't actually a citation of a source, but to state that the comment isn't in dispute. That is wrong. "Cop killer bullets" were bullets fired from handguns (usually) and rifles that would defeat SOFT body armor because of some magical trait such as the supposed evil teflon cover ammo.

    Actual armor piercing ammo, such as military surplus has always been called just that.

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    ALL bullets are armour-peircing to some extent or another. A standard 7.62x54mm FMJ round from my M44 will go through 1/8" steel plate like a hot knife through butter. A .40S&W FMJ round will be stopped, however.

    When discussing soft armour penetration, limit the discussion to pistol rounds only, as nearly all rifle rounds will go through soft armour like nothing.
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    Thank you! My brother will be using some of that in his report!
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