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I assume you're talking about simultaneous invasions of North Korea, Iran, and anyone else who sticks their tongue out at us? I think we can all agree that is not the motivation behind Rangel's idea, and even if it were, would probably not be a smart move.
Yeah, not my first choice, but given few options, we pulled off that little adventure in 1941-1945 fairly well.

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Don't get ahead of yourself. You can't just take someone out of high school and have them start working as an RN; it takes years of college education (either 2 or 4 depending on the exact RN degree) to reach this status, as well as in-hospital experience. If you want to put objectors in a position that doesn't involve firearms, you'd be better off doing public works projects like the CCC did in the 30s.

Besides, there is no shortage in nursing. Like many other professions where employers have been crying "shortage!", there's only a shortage in the salary they want to pay, and the decency of working conditions offered for that salary. I'd love to hire some staff for my house for $1/day, but for some odd reason no one is taking the job. There must be a shortage!
Agreed, although many hospitals in my neck of the woods were offering RNs a $5000 sign on bonuses for a one year commitment a few years ago.

Even nursing home RNs make good money around here. LPNs don't do bad in MD offices either. But everything in healthcare is regional. Look at Texas. Some areas pay Paramedics (no firefighting) almost 50K a year, other are barely above minimum wage.

In SE VA, the local community college used to crank out Paramedics at an alarming rate. Not so any more, there just aren't people applying to the school. My employer runs a constant deficit, and believe me, we pay good.