There Could be Hope!

There Could be Hope!

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Thread: There Could be Hope!

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    There Could be Hope!

    If more teachers were like this guy, and the schools would let them teach we might have a chance for a decent future for our country...

    May 7, 2013

    Floyd C. Bayne posted on VCDL - Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.'s timeline

    "I have to relate this story to you.

    I was substitute teaching today in a Chesterfield County high school near my home. I was a "collab" teacher, that's a teacher who helps the regular classroom teacher with kids who have ADD, ADHD, or other learning problems. The second class of the day was government and they were doing SOL review for the tests coming up later this week. The first half of class was spent making sure they were focused on their assignment and answering any questions they had.

    After we came back from lunch the teacher, knowing that I had run for Congress, asked if I would mind talking to the kids about my experience. I told him that I thought they might enjoy seeing a couple of the speeches I had made that were on YouTube. He liked that idea, so we picked out a couple. The first one was my VCDL speech that I posted here just a couple of days ago. The teacher was writing down questions to ask me about the speech and encouraged the kids to do the same. When the video was done they began to ask questions.

    The first was about my comments regarding the 2nd Amendment's true purpose. "What did you mean about the 2nd Amendment not being about hunting, Mr. Bayne?" I immediately went into the reasons why that amendment was included. I asked them if they knew what form of government we had after we had declared our independence and while we were fighting the Revolutionary War. "The Articles of Confederation!" was shouted out by a couple of them. I was pleased at this. I then asked if they knew why we changed from the AoC to the Constitution and a republican form of government. That was answered to my satisfaction as well.

    Keep in mind that these kids usually can't sit still for more than a minute at a time, but now they were sitting quietly, eyes on me, listening. I was impressed at the number of them that were nodding their heads in approval/agreement as I spoke. No interruptions, no smart comments, no "Oh come on, Mr. Bayne!" They listened. I told them how the British had left Boston and headed into the Massachusetts countryside to confiscate weapons and powder from a local armory, thus sparking the shooting war. You know the story, so I won't take up too much space here with it. The point is these kids, who normally won't listen to their teacher were sitting quietly and attentively.

    After telling the story I asked them, "Why do you think we have a 2nd Amendment?" A hand from the back of the room went up - "So we can protect ourselves from the government." I could not hide my smile. "That is correct," I replied. Our founders had just fought a war for independence against a tyrannical government and they knew all too well the propensity for governments to seek too much power. Thus they sought to put in place checks upon the government and the 2nd Amendment was one of them. No arguments from the class. No comments about how crazy that was. No rude remarks. They got it. The teacher I was working with told me that's the quietest he has ever seen them. I was impressed at how willing and able they were to actually follow me and think it through with me. There is hope, folks.
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    Most excellent. IMO, in any free-thinking, rational discussion unabused by preconceptions and politically-motivated leanings, evaluating the truth of history can be truly liberating. It's particularly wonderful when a bunch of kids get it, when it's presented simply and clearly. Gotta love it, when that occurs.

    We need about 10000 such teachers, peppered across the country. From that, we might make a start on correcting some of these horrible ills we've endured ... in another generation or two.
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    I'm impressed!
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    Thank you for taking the time to show them the truth. And huge Kudos to the kids! Hopefully this will stick with them into adulthood.

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