Gun locator app

Gun locator app

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Thread: Gun locator app

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    Gun locator app

    First of all not sure if this has been said before or if its in the right spot but here goes.
    I was browsing Facebook to day when a friend told me of this company that just release an app showing where "dangerous" gun owners are. My first thoughts were "didn't they learn from NY?" and then I started reading the reviews and learned how unreliable it is and that kind of worries me. It worries me in that what is a BG see that a neighbor has a gun on here, breaks in to steel it, finds no gun and in frustration beats the little old lady up to get her to tell him where it is, when it never existed.
    But no surprise to me its made by from University of Kalifornia San Diego.
    Geolocate Dangerous Guns and Owners | a project of the laboratory
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    Under Marking Guidelines:

    "Uncertain situations

    There are a number of cases in which a decision about whether or not to mark the location is much less obvious. People who stockpile large arsenals or numerous assault weapons for reasons other than collecting are likely a concern."
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    Marking Categories

    Based on the previous discussion, note that the tool allows you to select from the following categories when marking a site. Select the most appropriate designation of concern:

    “Possible unlocked/loaded/unsafe storage”
    “Possible insufficient training”
    “Guns and unsupervised children”
    “Guns and substance abuse”
    “Possible medical related concern”
    “Neighborhood talk, unsafe”
    “Possible high conflict, armed neighbor”
    “Possible out of place, large arsenal”
    “Documented/frequent unlawful discharge”
    “Possible illegal weapons on premises”
    “Possible prohibited persons”
    “Possible anti-government/terror threat”
    “Other concern (describe)”
    There should be an "All of the above" choice for Chicago.
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    Another app that treats gun owners like sexual predators or criminals.
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    Here's a simple way to make this utterly useless:
    Everyone on this forum, get the app, and mark every location on every street you can find; it doesn't make any difference if that location is a house, a business, a public bldg, etc. Include all the locations you can think of. Get all your friends to do the same for all their areas.

    Flooding a database with lots of false data is the same as "jamming" a signal; the more "static" you have to search thru, the less useful the data is.

    Just a thought...

    Damn...just noticed that this is for Android only, which I don't have. Would have been fun to see what would happen if I spent 5 minutes a day on my way to work, entering all the addresses that we passed. I could have made some special trips to public blds in the downtown area, etc...

    Interesting fact in the app's FAQ:
    "All site markings are the responsibility of users whose anonymity is protected by this software." What do you want to bet that someone could crack into the database that this app is creating, to gather the info of the "submitters"?
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    I thought this was going to be about an easy way to find guns that I'm looking for.
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