Am interested in how the various states handle this. If your state's not yet listed and you happen to know how it's handled there, let's see how the states compare.

QUESTION: Does your state have in its statutes specific immunity from further criminal/civil liability or prosecution, in a justified self-defense situation?

  1. State? (Please specify.)

  2. Immunity protections: Yes, No?

  3. If "no billed" (dismissed for lack of evidence, by Grand Jury), does immunity exist?

  4. If District Attorney declines to prosecute (for whatever reason), does immunity exist?

  5. If acquitted of charges in a trial, does immunity exist from further prosecution?

  6. Are other, separate charges possible, or does immunity from those exist as well?

  7. Are reasonable costs (for attorney, court, lost income) recoverable in such "immunity" cases on the original trial/charges?

  8. Are reasonable costs (for attorney, court, lost income) recoverable for any future charges or civil litigation?

  9. Are you aware of any specific instances, in your state, where such immunity protections were breached and further legal liabilities were allowed to go forward anyway, without blockage, without penalties to those bringing further charges/action/liability?