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NJ Republican Signs 10 Anti-Gun Bills

This is a discussion on NJ Republican Signs 10 Anti-Gun Bills within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; There is no such thing as a New Jersey Republican. They are simply Democrats in Republican clothing. Christie was ok until his GOP clothes started ...

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Thread: NJ Republican Signs 10 Anti-Gun Bills

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    There is no such thing as a New Jersey Republican. They are simply Democrats in Republican clothing.

    Christie was ok until his GOP clothes started getting holes in them and the true image came to light.
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    Obviously when he went in to have his stomach stapled they must have gone a little lower and reduced the size of his testicles as well.

    New Jersey Republican is an oxymoron
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost1958 View Post
    I thought Crispie switched over to the Democratic party???
    Informally, I think he did. It seemed to happen right around the time he accepted the hurricane relief. Then the state allowed the unions to control the labor, banning help from other states - slowing recovery time to a crawl. Then he became an Obama administration supporter and he kicked conservatism out the window. Naturally, he will jump on the war against the 2A with the rest of the libs.

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    Christy is another puppet of b-rock

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldskeetshooter View Post
    I personally feel the conservatives underestimate the power of the Democratic party. Wishful thinking, on the parts of the Republicans, "ain't cutting it."
    The most important thing they need to do is expand the base if they don't do that you can count on the stupidty to grow. I think the key is the latino vote.They have to find a way to stand strong on some immigration issues and give on the ones that will get you in office. Latinos have a very strong "family values"[ for want of a better term] and the Republicans should use that as way to get more support. Rubio is good but his support is mostly in South Fl. because Cubanos are conservative by nature.
    I belive divided government is a good thing but if the Republicans lose the house the crap will hit the fan.
    BTW screw that tub of goo that porker is not the friend of the second amendment and his stance on it will make sure he doesn't make the cut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcdalton View Post
    NJ Republican Signs 10 Anti-Gun Bills
    He should try signing felonious-behavior reduction bills. Would have far more impact on crime than criminalizing more citizens for daring to protect themselves.

    Sad, what some temporarily-elected hirelings have become, once they come within 100yds of our Constitution and seats of power.
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    He got the bypass surgery to eliminate concerns about his health when he does run for president.. He may even be touted (or tout himself) as a Republican who can reach across the aisle... Beware... he could be the Republican's "moderate" candidate...

    That said, this is about the laws he signed not his POLITICAL aspirations... which we don't talk about here on DC.

    He's the shadow of Bloomberg, super sized (for now), for gun control.
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    No way i vote for him he is a wolfe in sheeps clothing . NJ is a step or two worst then Maryland . Just wait till that dumbocrap from Maryland runs for Pres. he will take away all your gun rights .
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    Off with their head!
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    I do not vote for Rhinos, fat or otherwise.
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    Nothing shocking here. He's been either pandering to his voters or showing his true colors (or both) for some time now. I can't believe that I used to think he was a good guy to vote for back when he first hit the national scene.
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    Christie may just be the most anti-gun, anti-freedom Republican to ever be governor of ANY state. Heck, he might even be worse than Obama.

    Absolutely disgusting.
    Minimum government, maximum freedom.

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    OK, this has strayed significantly off the Gun Legislation forum topic.
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