NJ Republican Signs 10 Anti-Gun Bills

NJ Republican Signs 10 Anti-Gun Bills

This is a discussion on NJ Republican Signs 10 Anti-Gun Bills within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Still think this man is the Republican candidate for 2016? Think again: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a likely Republican contender for the White House ...

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Thread: NJ Republican Signs 10 Anti-Gun Bills

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    NJ Republican Signs 10 Anti-Gun Bills

    Still think this man is the Republican candidate for 2016? Think again:

    New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a likely Republican contender for the White House in 2016, on Thursday signed into law 10 bills tightening restrictions on guns in the state.

    The measures including banning the purchase of handguns by people on a federal watch list of potential terrorism suspects, stepping up penalties on some firearms violations and exempting gun records from the state's open public records law.
    New Jersey Gov. Christie Signs Laws Tightening Gun Rules
    An Informed Gun Owner Is An Anti-Gunners Worst Nightmare - Stay Informed @ American Gun Owners Alliance

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    He will never make it as the front runner for the republican candidate. I can't believe they still let him claim to be republican! If that is republican I'm voting independant or Scooby-doo!
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    I thought Crispie switched over to the Democratic party???
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    Besides his support for anti-American gun control there are many other reasons I would not support christie for any office.
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    Isn't NJ's homicide rate already high?

    Didn't Christie get that memo if you keep doing what you have been doing they you will keep getting what you got?!

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    ...banning the purchase of handguns by people on a federal watch list of potential terrorism suspects,
    You do not need to commit a crime to be on this list. There is NO judicial review to be on this list. It is an important list for our federal government to maintain, but there is zero due process to be put on, or be removed from the list. And there should be; it's only a list to watch...until now.

    There is no way this law should pass judicial review. But, we've seen stranger these days.
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    To think he had such potential when he first got elected and taking on unions and their thuggery...times change real fast in politics, don't they?
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    I'm the guy next door that is polite, but does not tell you crap.
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    Chris Christie should switch parties, he pretty much threw Romney
    under the bus during the Sandy hurricane when he went out of his
    way to tell everyone how GREAT Obama was doing to help the
    people. What happened to the help, it disappeared after the election.
    He is a RINO like Lensey Graham, both should be THROWN out of
    the Republican Party. He is just a loud mouth FAT MAN.
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    I'd like to see Ted Cruz from Texas run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard58 View Post
    I'd like to see Ted Cruz from Texas run.
    Yup, Cruz or Paul. This Christie guy represents just about everything that is wrong with the "establishment" GOP. These anti-gun bills have added yet another reason to find him despicable.
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    They were not all anti-gun bills. Two were favored by the NRA, two opposed, and the rest were considered "neutral."

    That being said, Christie, if he runs in 2016, will not get the party nomination.
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    Yeah, like New Jersey is in great shape, gun prohibitions aside.
    I'm in favor of gun control -- I think every citizen should have control of a gun.
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    Who says that Christie will run "as" a Republican? I did not say "for" the Republicans. There has to be someone else other than Hitlary on the Democratic ticket. Then again, nothing would please the Dems more than Hillary and Cristie both on the ballot in November 2016. The "Cristiecrats" are growing in number, all over the US, not just in NJ. If the Republican powers that be feel that Christie can swing enough democrat and independent voters to vote Republican, you can bet the bank that Christie will be supported by the mainline Republicans. Christie has made it known, not necessarily in his words but in his actions, who he is garnering for support. Christie has made it quite clear, in the past year, who his number one "political" pal is. I don't want to mention any names, but the man's initials are Barak Hussein Obama. I personally feel the conservatives underestimate the power of the Democratic party. Wishful thinking, on the parts of the Republicans, "ain't cutting it."
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