Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors

Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors

This is a discussion on Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Op-Ed: Illegal Mayors | Buckeye Firearms Association Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors -- Stop the Bloomberg Gang! corruption, embezzlement, obstruction of murder investigation, extortion, assault, ...

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Thread: Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors

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    Red face Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors

    Op-Ed: Illegal Mayors | Buckeye Firearms Association

    Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors -- Stop the Bloomberg Gang!

    corruption, embezzlement, obstruction of murder investigation, extortion, assault, assault on a police officer, sexual assault, sexual assault on a child, and (GASP) illegal possession of an firearm and discharging a firearm.
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    Can we apply the RICO statute on this?
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    Love it.

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    Can't say I'm surprised. This is horrible.
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    I'm sure each of those cretins has taken a sworn oath to the People to faithfully both protect and defend the Constitution and the laws of the land. On that basis, alone, each is IMO a felon manifestly guilty of crimes against the Constitution ... whatever else their petty little proclivities might be. And, IMO, every single one of them, along with their vampire colleagues in crime in the Congress, ought to be treated as such. Tar & Feathers is far too good for them.
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    So much hypocrasy.

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    And they say we're dangerous. SMH

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    If it wasn't so pathetic and true it would be funny.
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    It's never been a secret, nor is it a surprise that criminals love stricter gun control.
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    With such shining examples of integrity how can they lose?

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    The real problem here is how these "individuals" get in office to begin with.

    Many people vote them in and think they have made the right choice but do not research the candidate to see if that person is who they say they are.

    Of course, they can lie to everyone at anytime, especially before the election, but remember, we, the VOTERS have the power to remove anyone remotely akin to any corruption or crime. That is of course the people voting them in are criminals as well.

    I don't see how corrupt and or criminal people keep winning those elections.
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    Most politician's make me wanna throw up in my mouth
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