15 Ways To Fight For Our Second Amendment Rights

15 Ways To Fight For Our Second Amendment Rights

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Thread: 15 Ways To Fight For Our Second Amendment Rights

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    15 Ways To Fight For Our Second Amendment Rights

    15 Ways To Fight For Our Second Amendment Rights

    By Chris Chumita

    The fight to keep our Second Amendment rights has had some impressive victories lately. In the past few years, we have seen more states begin to allow citizens to carry concealed firearms, the repeal of the “Clinton Assault Rifle Ban,” and the recent passage of the “Lawful Commerce In Arms Act.”

    Despite these victories, now is not the time for us to become complacent about our Second Amendment rights. In fact, it is under attack in ways that we have only feared. For example, we have seen the passage of an “Assault Rifle Ban” in Columbus, Ohio, a voter approved gun ban in San Francisco, and the confiscation of firearms from law abiding citizens during a natural disaster in Louisiana.

    Now, more than ever, we have to fight to protect out Second Amendment rights. Below are 15 easy things that you can do to help. You do not have to do all 15 to join the fight, but if everyone could just do one of them, it would help gun owners everywhere.

    You can read the rest of the story here:

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    Good Points...

    I'm trying to do most of them...

    Take notice fellow gun owners...

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    During the past year I've done 9 of the 15. I need to join more organizations, other than the NRA.

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    Hot diggety I do all 15 all the time!
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    8 of 15 not bad I guess, but I will work on the rest.
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    Thanks for the post! I need to get busy. I'm doing a few of these, but I need to do more.
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    A good read. Thanks for posting it.!!

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    On the list.........

    1. Join The NRA:
    -Check, I've been a member for 20 years

    2. Support Other National Second Amendment Organizations:
    -Check, support GOA

    3. Support “Special Interest” Second Amendment Organizations:
    -Check, Member VCDL

    4. Support Your Local Second Amendment Organizations:
    -1/2 point, see #3

    5. Contact Your Local, State, and National Representatives:
    -Check, have called ,written & emailed (example is National Park Carry)...(note to self: must send more)

    6. Get your Concealed Handgun License:
    -Check, had mine since early 1990s

    7. Buy A Gun:
    -1/2 credit, falling behind, it's been 2 months since I bought one (note to self: must buy more)

    8. Support Your Local Shooting Ranges:
    -Guilty, I haven't been doing that, since I have a range at home...(wait.... that is my local range, so it counts)

    9. Support Your Local Gun Store:
    -Check, I make regular visits...(note to self: must go more)

    10. Support Gun Shows:
    -Check, I go to all the ones in Richmond, Va & a couple of others.

    11. Share Your Gun Magazines:
    -Double Check, I have a waiting list for my old copies.

    12. Advertise Your Right:
    -1/2 credit, sometimes wear a hat with a firearm logo of some kind on it. RKBA sticker on my truck. (note to self: must do more)

    13. Write To Your Local Papers:
    -oops, haven't done that one...yet.

    14. Stay Informed:
    -Double check, I spend more time of this issue than ANY other.

    15. Introduce Someone To The Shooting Sports:
    -Check, have done & will do again.

    total score: 11 1/2
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    14 of 15. I don't write the local paper because they don't care about such issues. The nearest big city paper is just to...hmmm...what's the word...Anyway, I'll call 14 of 15 good on the year.
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    I can afford to support five of those and I do but I still don't understand why I have to pay for my SA rights... The SA is a right not a pay as you go plan.

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