Caught: NY Gun Owner Set Up Camera after Pro 2nd Amendment Sign Kept Getting Stolen

Caught: NY Gun Owner Set Up Camera after Pro 2nd Amendment Sign Kept Getting Stolen

This is a discussion on Caught: NY Gun Owner Set Up Camera after Pro 2nd Amendment Sign Kept Getting Stolen within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Caught: This NY Gun Owner Set Up a Camera After His Pro 2nd Amendment Sign Kept Getting Stolen - September 23, 2013 by Jonathan S ...

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Thread: Caught: NY Gun Owner Set Up Camera after Pro 2nd Amendment Sign Kept Getting Stolen

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    Caught: NY Gun Owner Set Up Camera after Pro 2nd Amendment Sign Kept Getting Stolen

    Caught: This NY Gun Owner Set Up a Camera After His Pro 2nd Amendment Sign Kept Getting Stolen -
    September 23, 2013 by Jonathan S

    A user on was fed up with having his sign taken down. The sign advocated the repeal of the NY SAFE Act, which was one of the strictest gun laws to date and a major infringement on 2nd amendment rights.

    After having his sign taken for the 4th or 5th time he decided to set up a trail cam or a deer cam to try to catch the thief in the act, and so he could report it to the authorities. Much to his surprise this is what he found.

    See more at: Caught: This NY Gun Owner Set Up a Camera After His Pro 2nd Amendment Sign Kept Getting Stolen


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    This is like the third post on this video. Just saying.
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    Rather than the “authorities” if I could find any news media with enough guts to report it they would be getting a copy to publish.
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    Man he is so busted and I would try to get this to the media or if nothing else the local newspaper.
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    Doesn't sound like it has reputable links since my Ghostery plugin stopped me from going to the link.

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    New York is nothing but a commie police state.

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    If as reported ...

    What, the establishment disapproving of protests, even on private property? The leveraging of the enforcers to implement it as policy? Say it ain't so!
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    I'd lawyer up...theft is illegal even if done by police. And the squelching of his 1st Amendment Rights by Police is a Federal offense not to be taken lightly. To me, this is an epic fail opportunity that could land the officer and potentially the department (if he was directed to do so) in a bunch of hot water.
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    First time poster here. This is the perfect opportunity to remind the police that there is a constitution and they are depriving you of your first amendment right, not to mention stealing property.

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    Looks like serving and protecting to me ...
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    I'd like to see more on this story as it develops. I hope the guy has the cajone's to see it through.

    If that sign is legally posted, i.e. not in violation of any city or other ordinance, then the police have openly stepped on his 1A rights. He just had a lawsuit -- at least the suit, maybe not any award from one -- handed to him.
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    The police only have the authority to write him a ticket or give him a warning. The removal of the sign requires due process or it is theft and the officer should be charged.
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    Assuming the police are in the wrong here, this is just another example of the SOP of do first, apologize later. How many times do we hear of false arrests or entering the wrong residence and the citizen has to sue before any wrongdoing is admitted by the police. No offense to all you LEOs here, I realize you are following orders and it is the responsibility of the decision makers to bear the burden in most cases. However, if this officer is acting on his own, he needs a serious lesson in civics.

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    I would put it out if i had pics or a video,especially if it's on private property.

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    In a town here, a guy put up a sign ....... anti the Mayor, saying he was inept, etc. The police took the sign down a few times, and he put one back up again. Then, they arrested him.... for some obscure law about any signs that are "abusive" in nature.
    They thought he would quietly shut up and that would be that. He was threatened there would be additional charges if any more signs went up. THEN>>>>> it hit the news. The "outrage" by citizens was ... well outstanding and purely amazing. Not only were people yelling and protesting these actions in his town, but allllllll over .... and it even got brought to the AG and Gov of the State. Anyway, the "complaints " and "reason" for having the sign up, were also published in all of the news.... which even made residents even madder when they realized all of the things the Mayor was pulling..... let alone using the Police as his "enforcers".

    Charges were dropped, because the law could not be applied to anything he had done...... and the Mayor, is no longer the Mayor....... the things he was doing was "investigated" as well, and .... the Police was admonished for their behavior to say the least.

    Amazing, how things go when it hits the News.

    I'ld say the people of that town need to know what their police officers are doing...... and it's time it hit the news.
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