(***For all of the action items below, you can find contact information for your legislators by visiting www.NRAILA.org, clicking the "Take Action" icon, and then clicking the "Write Your Representatives" icon. As always, thank you for your support.***)

States with updates this issue: Idaho, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Earlier this year, anti-gun neighbors of the Farragut Shooting Range filed a lawsuit against the Idaho Department of Fish and Game attempting to close down its shooting range by claiming safety and sound violations. The trial is set to begin December 12, at the Kootenai County Courthouse, with closing arguments on Friday, December 15. The Department is confident that it has a solid case for keeping the range open but it hopes that sportsmen and women will make a showing of support by attending some or all of the trial. For more details about the trial, please contact Dave Leptich at dleptich@idfg.idaho.gov.

State Representative Eric Koch (R-65) has filed NRA-supported HB1011, the "Indiana Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act" for the upcoming 2007 General Assembly session. In filing HB1011, Representative Koch seeks to ensure that law-abiding firearm owners in the Hoosier State will not be stripped of their Right to Keep and Bear Arms during a declared state of emergency or disaster. Specifically, this proposal states that, "The state, a political subdivision, or any other person may not prohibit or restrict the lawful possession, transfer, sale, transportation, storage, display or use of firearms or ammunition during a disaster emergency, an energy emergency, or a local disaster emergency." A special thank you goes to Representative Koch for stepping forward to offer this important bill, and for his continued efforts to protect the Second Amendment. Please be sure to contact your representatives in the General Assembly at (317) 232-9600, and strongly encourage him or her to support and vote for HB1011 in the 2007 legislative session.

House Bill 347, sponsored by Representative Jim Aslanides (R-94) of Coschocton, passed in the State Senate by a vote of 19-10, and in the State House by a vote of 74-14. It now heads to the desk of Governor Bob Taft (R). HB 347 would create statewide preemption, ensuring that firearms laws are uniform throughout the state. There are currently 43 states with similar laws. Passing statewide preemption will eliminate problems for gun owners who have been unduly burdened by local ordinances such as Columbus's "assault weapons ban."

In addition, HB 347 will correct a number of problems that have surfaced during the past year for Right-to-Carry permit holders. The most common complaint by license holders has been the "plain sight" requirement in a motor vehicle. HB 347 will eliminate this requirement. Please contact Governor Taft today at (614) 466-3555 or (614) 644-HELP, or via e-mail at http://governor.ohio.gov/contactinfopage.asp and respectfully urge him to sign this important bill and to defend your Right to Keep and Bear arms. Also, please call your State Legislators today to find out how they voted on HB 347. If they voted in favor of HB 347 please thank them for defending your Second Amendment rights. If they opposed HB 347, please respectfully remind them that you are a constituent and will remember their vote at election time. A special thanks to Speaker Jon Husted (R-37), and Senate President Bill Harris (R-19), for their outstanding leadership. Please give them a call and thank them for their hard work and dedication to the Second Amendment. Senate President Bill Harris can be reached at (614) 466-8086, and Speaker Husted can be reached at (614) 644-6008.

Attorney General Tom Corbett (R) has announced that a reciprocal agreement was reached allowing persons with valid Right-to-Carry licenses from Tennessee to carry within Pennsylvania. All Tennessee license holders will be required to follow Pennsylvania laws while in the state, including age restrictions and type of handguns permitted. For a complete list of reciprocal states and state licenses that are honored by Pennsylvania, please visit: www.attorneygeneral.gov/crime.aspx?id=184.

Two more pro-Second Amendment bills have been prefiled since we last reported to you: HB 284, by Representative Joe Driver (R-113), is NRA-supported "Castle Doctrine" legislation that would make changes to Texas's self-defense and use of force statutes that favor the rights crime victims over criminal predators; and SB 122, by Senator Bob Deuell (R-2), an NRA-backed Concealed Handgun License (CHL) confidentiality bill. Please begin contacting your State Senators and Representatives and urging them to support these important measures! Legislators' contact information and the text of the bills listed above can be found at http://www.house.state.tx.us/bills/welcome.php.