Gun buy backs: One police chief gets it

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Thread: Gun buy backs: One police chief gets it

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    Gun buy backs: One police chief gets it

    Akron Ohio police chief knows that "buy backs" doesn't have the desired effect of getting crime guns off the street.

    Akron police chief: Background checks won't work to stop criminals, and "gun buybacks are a farce" | Buckeye Firearms Association

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    He's not the only one. In fact, over the last year or so I've been quite proud of how many sheriffs have stood up for their people's rights and told it like it is.

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    This guy really nails it.

    The gun "buy backs" are for one reason make people believe "authorities are doing something to get those evil guns off the street so you will be safer."

    It has about the same effect as pouring sugar sprinkles upon a lump of dog feces. The vain attempt to get guns off the streets by a method that has proven to be non-effective.
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    So, I emailed the local big city police chief... or at least I tried. I had to guess at his email address... While Chief Nice's Office of the Akron PD is listed on the APD contact list.

    I posted the link to the original story in the Akron News Now site... and suggested that our local chief might want to speak to Chief Nice, peer to peer... and gave him the contact information that the Akron PD provides to everyone...

    Ours is thinking about a gun buyback program...

    Perhaps seeing a city that admits it has a gun violence problem and KNOWS that gun buybacks are a farce... might give him "pause to think." Prolly not.
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    Wow...never thought about the term buy back.

    To buy something back, insinuates that you have once owned the commodity. How can a government agency buy back a gun that they didn't own in the first place?

    Kinda brings more credibility to the term.......Gun Grab.
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    Thumbs down Booker offers $1000 to report anyone with a gun

    Forget buy backs, just move to NJ and start snitching on all your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. Check out this message from the newest member [asshat] in the US Senate.

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    I was not able to find any reports on how the Gun Stoppers program was working. I am willing to bet that there are not many takers of the $1K, and very few arrest, if any, since the program was started. Just another means for a left wing liberal to get free publicity.
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    Gun buy backs don't work? I'm totally shocked, shocked I say!

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