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Thread: Colorado School teachers allowed to CC

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    good for them but {teachers are all being trained in "tactical medical training"} is that like quick clot in a sawed off shotgun ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by From the article
    Jane Dougherty, who lives in Littleton and is the sister of Sandy Hook victim Sherlach, disagrees with the policy.

    Sherlach was Sandy Hook's school psychologist.

    "I can sympathize with their location, and they're small, but to me, that's an accident waiting to happen," Dougherty said. "I think about my sister. She would never, ever want to be somebody walking around with a gun."
    The good guys having the means of avoiding being slaughtered. An accident waiting to happen?? That said from the relative of someone gunned-down at Sandy Hook. Hm. I think being under an "upraised knife" would change things a bit. Can't very well use what you don't have with you. And a prayerful look at the 911 buttons on the phone doesn't go very far when the assailant is armed with a Bowie or 5.56x45mm.

    Sure, if every teacher at every school in the country were armed and capable, there would obviously be the occasional teacher who blew a gasket and went off the meds, the occasional teacher who got mugged by a couple toughs and disarmed, and so on. But the incidence of idiots and felons amongst the teacher population is miniscule, as with the general population of armed upstanding citizens.

    And when it comes right down to it, there aren't a lot of choices for effective response on the instant of a predator becoming violent. Simple truth, in an open and free society. Only way to avoid most of that, really, is to be "closed" and no longer free. Short of that, IMO arming everyone out the wazoo is about the only real practical method of withstanding extreme violence on the instant it occurs. Always has been. Always will be.
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    When I first saw the headline I was gonna make a really smartalec comment. Then I read the article. My smartalek comment is for the little commie sister of the slain shrink. Move somewhere I know you'll be comfy and gooey you ignoramous. Somewhere like ObammaLand, Detroit, anywhere in Connecticut, Harlem, Watts, Taxachusetts or how about everyone's favorite and safest town New York City.

    Eighteen teachers and 160 kids from kindergarten to 12th grade. That's a one room school house where I'm from. Twenty minutes for probably a single deputy at code 3 may as well be a million years if a school as small as this one ever ends up with an active shooter inside capping people. Four armed teachers will give those 160 kids a fighting chance.
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    Great. Agree with trainig.

    Fair is Fair in those 'gun free' zones................ ya Regressively Progressive Liberals............ just saying. Don't let your politics bite you in the butt.
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    i wonder, if that slain woman WERE alive to be asked, "If you had had a gun and the ability to use it, knowing you could save the lives of all those children, adults, and yourself by shooting the killer first, would you do it?"

    and what about the anti-gun sister: "Would you want to have had a gun and the ability to use it, if you could have been at the school and shot the killer first?

    it can sound harsh and 'uncivilized', but those who are not willing to fight and perhaps to die, to protect what is truly precious to them, don't deserve to keep them. the police and the military are just our way of outsourcing this ability to use force to others in the community.

    as George Orwell said, "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

    to pull a "statistic" totally out of the air, with no evidence whatsoever, i am still willing to guess that in cases of physical aggression by one party against another, that "non-violence" would have been a losing strategy for the person or people attacked, at least 999 times out of 1,000 throughout the course of human history.
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    My wife, a kindergartener teacher, came home the day of sandy hook and looked me in the eyes. She said "you know that I would do anything to protect my kids". We are new to guns and only bought our first handgun weeks before sandy hook. Months later, a couple more guns and about 20 hours of training each (so far), I asked her " does that mean you would CC if you could? She is still trying to get comfortable with guns but replied "maybe someday".
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    From the article:
    Briggsdale administrators have been considering their policies in the wake of the school shooting at Sandy Hook. Briggsdale is a 20-minute response drive from police, on average.

    "Twenty minutes is a long time," Superintendent Rick Mondt said.

    Thats an understatement, 20 seconds is a long time with an active shooter - 20 minutes is an eternity.
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    A Colorado school huh? I wonder if the recall elections had anything to do with the fact that no politicians tried to nix this
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