Idea: anonymous "Defensive Gun Use" web database

Idea: anonymous "Defensive Gun Use" web database

This is a discussion on Idea: anonymous "Defensive Gun Use" web database within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; A few hours ago, I had my first (and hopefully, my only) "defensive gun use"; no shots were fired, and no one was hurt, but ...

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Thread: Idea: anonymous "Defensive Gun Use" web database

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    Idea: anonymous "Defensive Gun Use" web database

    A few hours ago, I had my first (and hopefully, my only) "defensive gun use"; no shots were fired, and no one was hurt, but I did have to draw/show my weapon to prevent some life-threatening violence against me. That's all I'm going to say about the matter right now, but it got me to thinking...

    The anti-gun crowd make light of the "defensive gun use" numbers, partly because the actual reported numbers are fairly low. And the numbers are fairly low because, if no shots were fired, people who conceal carry are reluctant to report the incident, for all kinds of reasons. So, what if we had an anonymous website/database where people who have had a defensive gun use, regardless of shots fired or not, could add their specific experience, which could then be used to present some "real" numbers on these incidents?

    I'm not any kind of website expert, so I'm not sure how the anonymous nature of the postings could be assured, but I would imagine that Tor and anonymizer web services could be used...

    We (Second Amendment rights promoters) would have to publicize the website so that it could actually capture the large number of "not-police-reported" incidents, but I'm guessing that forums such as this could do that easily.

    What do you think?

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    I would assume that anything posted on the internet is traceable. While it would be a nice idea, the wish for being anonymous doesn't exist anymore. The website would be a feeding ground for the authorities looking for information, just like this one is. good luck
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    If it were truly anonymous, I would question its reliability.
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    The NRA has a website with a compilation of stories of defensive firearms use.

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    Imagine if truly anonymous. No IP address tracked, no logfile entries, no identifying characteristics of the person or location or situation, except for basic categorized factors about the incident (ie, male/female, solo or with others, single/multiple assailants, time of day, date, type of location [shop, street, businesses], and so on). Imagine, then, that folks began to use it to "document" spurious incidents for purposes of skewing the results. Unless basically run down for details, it'd be hard to take the results as meaningful indicators.

    The FBI stats are pretty good, for what they are. Trouble is, they don't (can't) capture situations that go unreported, and they often don't include numbers in the categories you think they do. Stats for some other countries can be even worse, with known instances of deliberate skewing of numbers for political purposes. No telling how much skewing of results for similar purposes is done in the USA, either at the county/state level or the fed/reporting level.

    For my money, I'd say about as good as we're likely to get is: (a) the FBI and CDC stats regarding incidents and injuries/deaths; and the NRA type sites documenting key defensive situations reported to them. Basically the unreported situations won't ever be on any of these lists anyway.
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