More Ohio Legislation

More Ohio Legislation

This is a discussion on More Ohio Legislation within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Currently making its way through the Ohio Congress is a piece of legislation, part of which is to change the media loophole. Right now ...

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Thread: More Ohio Legislation

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    More Ohio Legislation

    Currently making its way through the Ohio Congress is a piece of legislation, part of which is to change the media loophole. Right now journalists have access to information about CHL holders, and some newspapers actually print the lists of CHL holders for the areas in the paper. While the new legislation doesnt completely keep the info from the media, it is still better than what is in place now. This is a less known piece of legislation than HB347, which thankfully Taft's veto of was over-ridden last week, but make sure you contact your legislators, especially those in the State House since it already passed through the Senate, and voice your opinions on HB9.
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    On Wednesday, the Ohio Senate took up Substitute House Bill 9 after the Senate Judiciary-Criminal Justice Committee. As many of you may recall, Representative Brinkman amended HB9 (an open records bill) on the House floor to create a provision for Concealed Handgun License holders to opt-out of the release of their private information to the media. That amendment, and the entire bill, passed with overwhelming bi-partisan support in the Ohio House.

    The Senate committee changed that opt-out provision to a system that OFCC feels is an acceptable compromise. As you will read, that compromise is not what was originally proposed. However, it makes it nearly impossible to continue the abuse that some Ohio media outlets have pursued. While certain information is still available to the media, they are only granted the right to view that information at a Sheriff's office. They may not write it down, copy it, or record it. Most importantly, they can not go to the Sheriff and request a written or electronic copy of the personal information about every single licensee. This will eliminate the means that have produced the dangerous blanket lists that some media outlets have been publishing.

    Printing an entire list, or regular updates to those lists, that are dangerously given by The Cleveland Plain Dealer will become unrealistic... if not impossible. Newspapers will no longer be able to intimidate the law-abiding gun owner. The best part of this compromise is that the media can not complain that they lost access to the information they originally claimed to care about. The original intent was to ensure that Concealed Handgun Licenses were going to the right people and were not falling into the hands of criminals. If a journalist wants to find out if the perpetrator of a crime has a license to carry a concealed handgun, he or she can visit the appropriate Sheriff and answer that specific question.

    Today, the Ohio Senate voted 31-1 to pass HB9 as described above. This occured after tabling a floor amendment proposed by Senator Fingerhut. The vote for that ill-conceived amendment was 19-13. Fingerhut sought to eliminate the five lines of text from HB9 that would solve the unnecessary abuses that Ohioans For Concealed Carry has rallied against. The bill now goes back to the Ohio House of Representatives for a concurrence vote and the risk of a veto by Governor Bob Taft. Stay tuned to this website for updates.

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