"Words Have Meaning": good article

"Words Have Meaning": good article

This is a discussion on "Words Have Meaning": good article within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I know that many people on this website do not agree with my position: that it's worth the time to try to convince (some) "anti-gun" ...

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Thread: "Words Have Meaning": good article

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    "Words Have Meaning": good article

    I know that many people on this website do not agree with my position: that it's worth the time to try to convince (some) "anti-gun" people to see the error of their ways.

    I've brought this up in many posts, and while some other members of the forum agree with me, many have said that the effort is just not worth the time put into it.

    If you're one of those people, you probably won't like this post either...but if you're willing to try to talk to "anti-gun" people about gun rights, I've found a very good article on how to approach them, based on how they respond to certain language, here:
    Words Have Meaning | GunsSaveLife.com

    Why Are You Losing Your Freedoms?
    The Semantics of Manipulation
    by John Ross

    A lot of very good points on how to approach/argue effectively with someone who is a liberal/Emotionalizer, as opposed to most people here who are conservative/Intellectualizers.

    I'm going to modify my approach to anti-gun people slightly based on some of this.

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    Thanks. i may not go out and start knocking on doors. but i always like increasing my "verbal judo" skills as well.
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    I enjoy talking to people in general about all subjects , guns , motorcycle , welding , kids, you name it . But the gun stuff is a bit trickier IMO but too much of it too fast will turn people off.
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    This is really good. I didn't read every word, but I read/skimmed most of it and this applies well beyond gun discussions.
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    I understand your point and I admire your determination. I think people are a product of their environment. I see people who have ben so isolated from reality they have no concept of life at its basics. People believe that the government is there to help them and refuse to look at Catrina. When I ask who looked after the people of New Orleans they are convinced it is a very local problem and their community is exempt from natural disaster.

    If I can't get people to change how they look at being prepared for 72 hours in their homes without government help I stand no chance at convincing them they may have to hunt food some day or protect their family from hungry citizens.

    We have become a totally dependent society.

    I for one and please don't pass judgement on what I am going to say. It is my decision to be a very good witness to crime and unless shots are fired I am not going to protect another human being outside of my family. We have given them the tools to protect themselves and they have made a decision to rely on others for their personal well being. If shots are fired I will look at the situation and then take action that I think is appropriate.

    Changing others is not in my game plan anymore. This sounds selfish I am sure but it is where I am at after a long road of helping others and watching them not take any responsibility to preclude disaster from happening again and again and again. You build on a flood plane and get flooded out every three years should you ask EMS to rescue fluffly the cat and secure your property?

    Sorry for the rant I am just fed up with victims wanting to be victims
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    Excellent read!

    Conservatives have always have always been the intellectual superiors over liberal progressives. The edge in intelligence about policy and governance is always better from a conservative standpoint. But, when you are dealing with less intelligent emotionally driven liberals that lack or misrepresent the facts to bolster an argument, you need to have the communication skills that will quickly & decisively peak the emotional interests of those you are trying to influence.

    Like a lot of people of higher intelligence, conservative politicians sometimes have difficulty relating to people who are governed by the more primitive emotional side of the brain. It's easier for conservatives to reach people with a higher intellect and more common sense than it is to reach the less intelligent & less informed members of society of whom progressive liberals most relate. (Thus, more business people and positive contributors to society relate better to conservatives; and more fear and emotion controlled people relate better to liberals.)

    That was a good article pointing out the difference in the ways we communicate.

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    Great article, thanks for sharing

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    Know your enemy!

    I think even if we can't change the minds of anti gunner,s we can use them to practice our skills of persuasion and fine tune our arguments. If we know we can't change theirs minds then the pressure is off; it's just another self-defense drill to perfect. Then we will be prepared when the opportunity arises to sway those who are undecided.

    This would also useful when writing or speaking with our representatives at all levels and on other topics. After all, it isn't just the 2nd Amendment that is under attack.

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