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Thread: Why you should care about MA.......

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    Easy on the political stuff folks - please
    Chris - P95
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    Okay, here is a novel idea for all the Massachusett's folks....

    If you are a gun owner, or at least pro-gun ownership, leave the state... not forever, just for a few years.....

    then you put together a whole media campaign stating that there are no more gun in MA.... None what-so-ever..... Put up billboards saying, "Welcome to Massachesetts, nobody owns a gun in this state."

    Let happen, what will inevitably happen... and before you know it, not only will crime go way up, proving beyond a doubt what we;ve been saying all along when you ban guns, crime in neighboring states will go down, because they know where the easy marks are..... and most likely, there will be a few less antis around after all is said and done.

    Oh well, just a thought.....

    I guess the democratic process might work better.... come on grass roots!!!!
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    Boston Attitudes

    This says something.........At 1-95 and Kenmore Square:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mass-Diver View Post
    Middle of the road Democrats have lots of "common sense" when it comes to the 2nd...i.e. it's OK to hunt and maybe have long rifle, but carrying handguns is a different matter with most of them. Don't forget, Hilliary is a moderate democrate.

    To be honest, I mostly just go by the NRA grades which are based on actual voting.

    Lastly, federal bans are for everyone - moving won't help that.
    Hillary could only be called a moderate if she was standing between Kennedy and Kerry, and that would be a BIG stretch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tes151 View Post
    Hillary could only be called a moderate if she was standing between Kennedy and Kerry, and that would be a BIG stretch.
    No joke. Authoritarian socialist maybe. Nothing at all like say Ben Chandler. Who actually does vote in support of the 2nd amendment.
    ...He suggested that "every American citizen" should own a rifle and train with it on firing ranges "at every courthouse." -Chesty Puller

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    gun control does not work. we can see that now. one day all will see that gun control does not work. untill then we need to protect our rights.
    An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.

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    I grew up in MA, and lived in NH for a brief year and a half before I moved to VA with my fiancee (well, a week before the wedding). I definitely experienced a drastic shift in my own perspective just by looking back at where I was. I am quite saddened when I talk to my family members still back home in MA. My stepfather has his Class A LTC, owns several firearms to hunt and plink with, but will not carry. I just don't understand the mindset up there anymore.

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    Dateline Boston, December 26, 2018

    Several people were injured yesterday when a madman went on a clubbing spree with a legal 12 inch truncheon. Our legislators have made an immediate call for truncheons to be limited to 8 inches, and to require that they be secured to the home by a safety cable unless being transported to or from a truncheon training facility. In other news, in our neighboring country of the United Southern States of America (USSA), statisticians were unable to generate yearly crime reports, calling the raw data, "insignificant." As reported yesterday, the USSA's open firearms policies continue to impede a meaningful passport program. President Clinton stated, "I and my father continue to call for a return to gun control in the USSA. Only when we are able to mend our differences can there be meaningful talks aimed at reunification." The USSA President has no response. He was in Atlanta, attending the convention of State Militias.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rugerman View Post
    I guess my point is that California is really two states if you want to think of it that way. You have San Francisco Completely Liberal and anti gun as you can get. I do not like even visiting that place. Then you have the rural areas which actually encompass most of the state that is more Right thinking bible loving conservatives
    The same is true in MA. You have Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, Brockton, Fall River, Watertown, New Bedford, and Worcester as the evil alliance that are opposed to citizens exercising their 2A rights. Yet, these communities collectively comprise a very small area geographically, centered around the far eastern part of the state next to the seaboard. The rest of the state has a much more balanced outlook on gun ownership. Nearly every other municipality issues unrestricted licenses as the rule and are encouraging when applicants apply for their carry permits.

    Just as the Rugerman describes in CA, in MA there is Boston and its cronies that exist in Menino's "sphere of influence" which stands in stark contrast to the rest of the state. But you'd have to live here to know that.

    BTW, when it comes to 2A rights in DPRM, Kennedy & Kerry have little to do with our situation. Massachusetts General Law contains the language that is responsible for the current situation faced by MA gun owners. Which means that our problem is located in the state legislative body, not on Capital Hill.

    We have some legislators from Cambridge, Boston, and Brookline that are so ultra-liberal that Kerry looks more like Reagan when standing next to those wackos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moga View Post

    We have some legislators from Cambridge, Boston, and Brookline that are so ultra-liberal that Kerry looks more like Reagan when standing next to those wackos.

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    I think Rugerman makes a good point. Here in Ohio I see the same thing and it makes the state look kind of crazy. Too many of the people that live in cities, and have their whole lives, don't know a darn thing about guns and more easily fall prey to the ani-gun agenda of the press and lefty politicians. Those who live in the country realize that guns are just another tool and it's the person weilding that tool that matters.
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    My mom was born and rasied in Boston.

    I have kinfolks in Fall River,Somerset,and Pawtucket. Many years ago,I lived in Fall River.

    Mass. is a unique and beautiful place. But yall have some of the most anti-american/procommunist/antigun lawmakers, police cheifs and politicians with some of the stupidiest laws in the United States.

    Everyday I wake up and I thank God that I am not under their rule.
    Universal Background Checks...the next step towards registration and confiscation.

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    Doesn't it really make you wonder, though, HOW LONG we'll have to stand by and wait until it creepingly dawns on all these leftist idiots that banning guns actually has been making things worse all along?

    I mean, just how long can this psychotic denial be sustained?! Gun violence has never gone down in any place where guns were banned! It is indisputable fact! And it goes up faster in places with bans than in places without them.

    Our voices about this keep seeming to be drowned out. Why is the mainstream not hearing us? Why do they keep falling for the sick, demented notion that they will be safer when good people are prohibited from having guns? Why do they keep failing to see that criminals get guns in spite of bans, and kill people with them, and always will?

    This stuff is maddening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frankmako View Post
    gun control does not work. we can see that now. one day all will see that gun control does not work. untill then we need to protect our rights.
    Oh, but it does work.....

    It works to disarm law abiding citizens...men and women who just want to protect their families.

    It works to make a population unable to defend themselves from tyranny or criminal assault.

    It works to make an individual entirely dependent upon the state for their own personal welfare.

    It works to make a generation of mindless drone children who are too afraid of violence to stand for what they believe.


    Oh! You meant "work" as in "does what it is intended to do"...no it doesn't work
    "Life exists at a level of complexity almost beyond our ability to comprehend. It's a well known fact that if you try to take apart a cat to see how it works one of the first things you have on your hands is a non-working cat" - Douglas Adams

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