Rhode Island: Ocean State Assault on the Second Amendment

Rhode Island: Ocean State Assault on the Second Amendment

This is a discussion on Rhode Island: Ocean State Assault on the Second Amendment within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I don't know if this has been put out..Once in a while i bring up NRA website and i saw this..Just fyi for those who ...

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Thread: Rhode Island: Ocean State Assault on the Second Amendment

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    Rhode Island: Ocean State Assault on the Second Amendment

    I don't know if this has been put out..Once in a while i bring up NRA website and i saw this..Just fyi for those who may be interested..

    A lot of anti gun bills some of their leaders are proposing.

    NRA-ILA | Rhode Island Ocean State Assault on the Second Amendment Lawmakers in Providence Unleash Long List of Anti-Gun Bills

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    If there are people here from R.I., vote these idiots out of office! It would seem in a state with a relatively small population that it would not be too difficult to do that. Once again, the U.S. Atty. General should step in and vow to charge the sponsors of these bills( if they pass), with infringing on the 2nd. amendment rights of the people of R.I. The people who introduce bills like these are commies. Get rid of them, vote them out. Impeach them as Colorado did. Just do something!
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    Holder would have to charge himself and the entire Regime - IF he were to start being concerned with THE LAW at this point in time ...
    In Gibson v. Commonwealth, 237 Ky. 33, 34 S.W.2d 936 (1936), the High Court stated:  “[I]t is the tradition that a Kentuckian never runs.   He does not have to.”

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    More nonsense from another may-issue state.
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    I got an email about these crap bills. One of our local gun shops sends out emails to organize rallies, etc at the court house in providence. Rest assured as a RI resident, I will be fighting these attacks on our 2nd amendment rights!

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    Look at the recurring theme in the article. (D-3), (D-6), (D-14), (D-2), (D-28), (D-12), (D-72), (D-18), (D-1), (D-65), (D-63)...

    How shocking. Yes, I realize what state this is.

    In other news, I'm a senior member now. Awriiiight.

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    The same pattern emerges rather than deal with criminals they want to disarm the law abiding gun owners. The only new twist I saw was to tax gun owners to fund Brady et al. These folks should be ashamed but I doubt they are capable of shame.
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    The left wing Marxist liberal ideology that is so anti freedom and anti constitution is a cancer that is spreading fast and must be stopped.
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    We fought hard and won last year in RI, but we knew it was only the start, not the end, and we will continue to fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exacto View Post
    The left wing Marxist liberal ideology that is so anti freedom and anti constitution is a cancer that is spreading fast and must be stopped.
    Exacto, there is nothing liberal about Marxism. and there is nothing liberal about any of these wannabe slave masters .

    The Totalitarian State in America will not arise at the point of a gun. It will come with a message of

    "We only want what's best for you. It's for your own good."

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    I am sure most of the older members have seen this before but I thought some of the younger ones might enjoy reading it perhaps for the first time . It is a carefully researched and highly documented review of why the 2nd Amendment is a individual right and is absolute. It seems so strange that the very places that our freedoms sprang from seem to be the first to give them up. The states that pressed for a BOR are among those that have been the quickest to forsake them. I have posted my favorite part where Blackstone clearly states the right is absolute and the conclusion that Mr. Vandercoy arrives at.

    Valparaiso Univ. Law Review----David Vandercoy
    "Accordingly, when Blackstone spoke of the rights of persons, he defined such rights as being either: 1) absolute, that is belonging to the person whether out of society or in it; or 2) relative, meaning the right is an incident of membership in society. Blackstone described the right to keep arms as absolute or belonging to the individual, but ascribed both public and private purposes to the right. The public purpose was resistance to restrain the violence of oppression; the private was self-preservation. Blackstone described this right as necessary to secure the actual enjoyment of other rights which would otherwise be in vain if protected only by the dead letter of the laws."

    "English history made two things clear to the American revolutionaries: force of arms was the only effective check on government, and standing armies threatened liberty. Recognition of these premises meant that the force of arms necessary to check government had to be placed in the hands of citizens. The English theorists Blackstone and Harrington advocated these tenants. Because the public purpose of the right to keep arms was to check government, the right necessarily belonged to the individual and, as a matter of theory, was thought to be absolute in that it could not be abrogated by the prevailing rulers.

    These views were adopted by the framers, both Federalists and Antifederalists. Neither group trusted government. Both believed the greatest danger to the new republic was tyrannical government and that the ultimate check on tyranny was an armed population. It is beyond dispute that the second amendment right was to serve the same public purpose as advocated by the English theorists. The check on all government, not simply the federal government, was the armed population, the militia. Government would not be accorded the power to create a select militia since such a body would become the government's instrument. The whole of the population would comprise the militia. As the constitutional debates prove, the framers recognized that the common public purpose of preserving freedom would be served by protecting each individual's right to arms, thus empowering the people to resist tyranny and preserve the republic. The intent was not to create a right for other (pg.1039) governments, the individual states; it was to preserve the people's right to a free state, just as it says."
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    Senate Bill 2318, sponsored by state Senators Gayle Goldin (D-3), Harold Metts (D-6), Daniel DaPonte (D-14), Juan Pichardo (D-2) and Josh Miller (D-28), would impose a ten percent “supplemental tax” on firearms and ammunition. The revenues would be taken from gun owners and distributed to “nonprofit organizations whose mission includes a commitment to the reduction of crime and violence.” In others words, they want to tax law-abiding gun owners and give the money to anti-gun groups such as the Brady Campaign which purports to reduce crime and violence while it only targets lawful gun owners and one's right to self-defense! This outrageous bill must be stopped.
    What a rude slap in the face of law-abiding citizens, being forced to fund the very groups wanting to destroy personal self defense.
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    Following that clever logic, how about a ten percent "supplemental tax" on automobile owners to distribute to “nonprofit organizations whose mission includes a commitment to the reduction of automobile moving violations and injuries?” Better yet, how about a supplemental tax on owners of bicycles, backyard pools and 5-gallon buckets, all of which have been proven to be more injurious to children than firearms?
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