Two good, two bad ....... NRA news (merge)

Two good, two bad ....... NRA news (merge)

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Thread: Two good, two bad ....... NRA news (merge)

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    Two good, two bad ....... NRA news (merge)

    NRA-ILA today ... the good ones -

    Some Perspective On Call For Gun Control
    South Coast Today

    "Because gun crimes make sensational news stories, generally reported without any proportionality, gun owners are easy targets," writes Peter Friedman. "When viewed in balance with other risks in society, firearms deaths are relatively uncommon. At the same time, firearms in the hands of the law-abiding have been proven to reduce crime."
    Ocean City, Md., To Allow Retired Cops To Carry
    News Journal

    The Ocean City Council approved a measure on Wednesday that will allow retired police officers to carry concealed handguns.
    The not so good (my desired expletives deleted!) -
    Daley Renews Push For More Gun Laws
    Belleville News
    Mayor Richard Daley and other elected officials renewed their call for stricter gun laws Wednesday, saying Democratic control of the General Assembly could lead to passage of legislation that has foundered in the past.
    Carry Permit Confusion
    WOWT 6 News
    A confusing situation as dozens of people line up to receive the state`s first concealed handgun permits. 62 permits were handed out statewide including 27 in Omaha. But other people were turned away even though they thought they were qualified.
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    Sorry to bust Ocean City's bubble, but as long as the officers retired in good standing, they can carry with or with out the cities
    "permission". Go pound salt OC, MD! Thanks GWB!

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    Ocean City Maryland grants civilians CCW status (if you're a retired cop)

    Lots of idiotic comments follow

    Ocean City, Md., to allow retired cops to carry concealed handguns
    Associated Press

    Posted Thursday, January 4, 2007
    OCEAN CITY, Md. -- The Ocean City Council approved a measure on Wednesday that will allow retired police officers to carry concealed handguns.

    The Council acted, at the request of the police department, to accept the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004.

    "I know this was a congressional law that was passed, but I don't want to rubber stamp it," Council Secretary Nancy Howard said. "I guess just call me a crazy liberal or something, but I think there are enough guns out there." Howard and Councilwoman Margaret Pillas voted against the order.

    According to the Library of Congress' Web site, the act "exempts qualified current and former law enforcement officers from State laws prohibiting the carrying of concealed handguns."

    The council's approval of the order will allow the Ocean City police department to comply with the act, but with certain conditions.

    The officer's retirement must be in good standing, and he or she must have no history of mental instability. Also, the retired officers will be required to complete training

    The 11-page general order carries other provisions.

    Some council members said that Ocean City's passing the law gives the city more leeway and control over the issue. It allows the police department to regulate the practice.

    Councilman Jay Hancock, a former police officer, said normally he would agree with Howard, one of the council members who voted against the order. Hancock said the order will let police know who has the guns. "At least in this case we know who they are and at least they have capability and creditability," he said.

    Councilman Jim Hall asked Hancock if he would apply to carry a concealed handgun. Hancock said no, adding, "I didn't need it much when I was there and I don't need it now," Hancock said.

    Howard was not swayed. "I can appreciate my fellow council members trying to ease my mind on this, but if Superman was carrying a gun I wouldn't be OK with it," she said. "I just don't think guns belong in public and the fewer guns that we have perhaps the fewer reasons we'll have for officers to have to carry guns."
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