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for your legislators by visiting www.NRAILA.org, clicking the "Take
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States with updates this issue: Hawaii, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, New
Mexico, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming.

The Hawaii Legislature reconvened for the 2007 session on Wednesday,
January 17, and we are monitoring closely what legislation is
introduced. Working with our state affiliate, the Hawaii Rifle
Association, we are working to address any gun control legislation that
may get introduced in the state legislature, as indications are that the
anti-gunners are emboldened in their crusade to further restrict our
rights due to Washington State's heavy anti-gun agenda. On the pro-gun
side, State Representative Ken Ito (D-48) will be bringing back a
revised version of his magazine ban repeal from last session, that would
legalize all factory magazines, regardless of capacity. NRA-supported
freshman State Senator Mike Gabbard (R-19) will sponsor similar
legislation in the Senate. Also on the agenda will be two hunting
measures providing for a three-day non-resident hunting license and a
waiver of the hunter education requirement, but only for fully guided
hunts on private hunting preserves (introduced by State Senator Norman
Sakamoto (D-15) and State Representative Bob Herkes (D-5)). It's vital
that we keep on top of these and other measures since things move fast
during the session!

With the General Assembly session underway, it is critically important
that you contact your State Senator and State Representative regarding
the firearm-related bills that are pending in Indianapolis. As expected,
rabid gun-ban advocate Representative David Orentlicher (D-86) is
sponsoring two measures, House Bill 1089 and House Bill 1090 that seek
radical change in Indiana's firearms statutes. If enacted, HB1089 would
gut Indiana's firearm preemption statute and provide Marion County with
the authority to establish its own regulations regarding the sale,
transport, transfer, and carrying of firearms, thus creating a patchwork
of laws that could make criminals out of otherwise law-abiding gun
owners. In addition to that affront to honest citizens, Representative
Orentlicher's HB1090 seeks to end gun shows as we know them by defining
a firearm dealer as any person who exhibits, sells, rents, exchanges, or
transfers at least one firearm at a gun show. Further, a gun show would
be defined as an event at which at least 50 firearms are offered for
sale, rent, exchange, or transfer. Representative Orentlicher goes even
farther to assault the Second Amendment by including language in HB1090
that prohibits the purchase of more than one handgun during any 30-day
period! Thankfully, the news is not all bad for gun owners in the
Hoosier State as there are also several pro-gun measures which seek to
further protect our Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Representative Eric
Koch (R-65) has filed NRA-supported House Bill 1011, the "Indiana
Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act," for the 2007 General
Assembly session. In filing HB1011, State Representative Koch seeks to
ensure that law-abiding firearm owners in the Hoosier State will not be
stripped of their Right to Keep and Bear Arms during a declared state of
emergency or disaster. Specifically, this proposal states that, "The
state, a political subdivision, or any other person may not prohibit or
restrict the lawful possession, transfer, sale, transportation, storage,
display or use of firearms or ammunition during a disaster emergency, an
energy emergency, or a local disaster emergency." Also, Representative
Jerry Denbo (D-62) has introduced NRA-supported House Bill 1118 that
will allow law-abiding gun owners to store a firearm in a locked vehicle
in most public parking areas. Please contact your State Representative
at (317)-232-9600 and strongly urge them to oppose both HB1089 and
HB1090, and to support and vote for HB1011 and HB1118.

State Representative Brian Munzlinger (R-1) has introduced NRA-supported
House Bill 462, a measure that would repeal Missouri's outdated and
duplicative permit to acquire a handgun (PTA) law. Missouri is among a
minority of states that still maintains a permitting system for handgun
purchases and transfers. HB462 would remove this unnecessary burden for
law-abiding gun owners and relieve them from this intrusion into their
privacy. While this bill has not yet been referred to committee, it is
very important that you contact your State Representative at (573)
751-3659 and strongly encourage him or her to support and co-sponsor
HB462. Additionally, please continue to contact your State Senator at
(573)-751-3824 and urge him or her to support, and vote in favor of, two
NRA-supported measures: Senate Bill 225, the "Hunting Heritage
Protection Area Act," introduced by Senator Bill Stouffer (R-21); and
Senate Bill 257, the "Missouri Disaster Recovery Act," introduced by
Senator Kevin Engler (R-3).

Nevada's 2007 Legislative Session begins Monday, February 5, and prior
to the start of session, NRA is asking its members to contact their
legislators and ask them to co-author Senator John Lee's (D- Clark, No.
1) BDR-45 when it is assigned a bill number. This bill seeks to remove
the exemption for Clark County from the state firearm preemption law,
passed in 1989, which prohibits cities and counties from regulating
firearms. This would eliminate, among other local laws, the handgun
registration ordinance currently in effect in Clark County and restore
continuity for law-abiding Nevadans traveling county to county with
their firearms. It is vital that Senator John Lee head to Carson City
with as much support for this bill as we can provide! Please contact
your State Assemblymember at (775) 684-8555 and your State Senator at
(775) 684-1400 in support of this measure.

The Legislature convened this week for its regular 60-day session.
Several pro-Second Amendment measures have already been filed: Senate
Bill 39, by State Senator Shannon Robinson (D-Albuquerque), and House
Bill 163, by State Representative John Heaton (D-Carlsbad)--NRA-backed
"Castle Doctrine"/self-defense statute reform legislation; and Senate
Bill 111 by State Senator Stuart Ingle (R-Portales), Senate Bill 167 by
State Senator William Sharer (R-Farmington), and Senate Bill 168 by
State Senator Steven Neville (R-Aztec)--NRA-supported bills which would
allow Concealed Handgun Licensees to protect themselves in
establishments that sell alcohol for off-premises consumption. Please
contact your State Senator at (505) 986-4714 and State Representatives
(505) 986-4751 and urge them to support these important measures!
Contact information for your state lawmakers can be found at

Pro-gun champion Delegate Bill Janis (R-56) has introduced several
NRA-supported measures currently awaiting committee hearings in the
Virginia House of Delegates. Among these bills are: House Bill 1626,
Virginia "Castle Doctrine" legislation; House Bill 2593, a bill that, if
passed, would authorize a Judge of the Commonwealth to carry a concealed
firearm without obtaining a permit; and House Bill 3109, a proposal that
would limit the areas in which a locality could restrict hunting or the
discharge of firearms. Please contact your Delegate at (804) 698-1500
and urge him or her to support the above-mentioned bills. As reported
earlier in this week, Senate Bill 827, a bill to abolish gun shows,
sponsored by Sen. Jeannemarie Devlolites Davis (R-34), was scheduled for
a hearing in the Senate Courts of Justice Committee on Wednesday.
However, the bill was "held over" and is now scheduled for a hearing on
Monday, January 21, at 9:00 a.m. Please continue to call your State
Senator at (804)-698-7410, particularly if he or she serves on the
Senate Courts of Justice Committee, and strongly urge him or her to
oppose SB827. Finally, another anti-gun measure, House Bill 2173
sponsored by Delegate Mamye BaCote (D-95), that would have gutted
Virginia's preemption statute by allowing localities to regulate lawful
possession of firearms in public libraries, was soundly defeated in a
Militia, Police and Public Safety sub-committee. Our thanks to Chairman
Tommy Wright (R-61) and fellow pro-gun sub-committee members Delegates
Morgan Griffith (R-8), Dave Nutter (R-7),and Scott Lingamfelter (R-31)
for protecting the integrity of Virginia's preemption statutes!

SB 5197 is a measure that would prohibit non-licensed individuals from
buying, selling, or trading firearms from their private collections at
gun shows. Your State Senator needs to hear from NRA members on the
importance of beating back this restrictive and unnecessary piece of
legislation. Please call your State Senator at (800) 562-6000 and ask
that he or she vote against SB 5197 when it comes up for a vote.

Senate File 50, sponsored by State Senator Cale Case (R-25), is an
NRA-supported measure that modifies laws pertaining to game violations
and authorizes bow hunters to carry a hand gun for self-defense against
predatory wildlife. It has passed out of the Senate Travel, Recreation,
Wildlife and Cultural Resources Committee and is on its way to the
Senate for a floor vote. Please call your State Senator at (307)
777-7711 and ask him or her to vote "YES" on Senate File 50 when it
comes up for a vote.