Man sets women's hair on fire in downtown Seattle

Man sets women's hair on fire in downtown Seattle

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Thread: Man sets women's hair on fire in downtown Seattle

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    Man sets women's hair on fire in downtown Seattle

    Man sets women's hair on fire in downtown Seattle
    Witnesses on lunch hour run down the suspect and hold him for police


    Two women were set on fire in downtown Seattle Wednesday after a man used a yellow canister to splash them and an elderly man with lighter fluid, witnesses said.

    Flames from one woman's hair shot up to 3 feet for about 5 seconds at Third Avenue and Union Street, a witness who helped catch the assailant said. The incident occurred around noon.

    The witness wanted to be identified only as a Seattle man who works at a downtown bank. He said he was "shaken" by what he saw.

    "Her hair was going crazy," the 33-year-old said. "This woman erupted into flames. I thought she was going to die."

    Passers-by used jackets to put the flames out, he said, and people at the intersection started yelling, "He did it! He lit her on fire!"

    She was in the crosswalk at the time and walking across Union Street, he added.

    The witness, who was getting lunch, and two men chased the assailant down an alley, near an Ampco parking lot.

    The assailant, he said, appeared to be in his late 30s or 40s.

    The men cornered the attacker and escorted him back to the busy intersection until Seattle police officers arrived. "We told him to stop," the man said.

    The witness said he asked the assailant, who was clad in black, and has a mustache, why he tossed fluid on the people. The man declined to answer.

    As of 1:30 p.m., a Seattle police spokesman was waiting to receive a report of the attack before he commented in detail.

    Kristen McKie, 35, who works downtown, also said she was a victim. Police officers inspected her hair at the scene. Her hair caught fire, but was put out quick enough to avoid serious damage.

    Lighter fluid also landed on the overcoat of Gus Jones, 82, who lives in the Central District.

    Jones, who is recuperating from a broken hip, was downtown after visiting his doctor.

    After the assailant grabbed his shoulder, the elderly man whacked the attacker once with his gray, metal cane.

    "I smelled that lighter fluid and hit him. I cussed him out," Jones said. "I bent my cane."

    Jones' 59-year-old son, Gus Jones, said he and his father don't know the assailant.

    "He was just crazy," Jones' son said.

    The assailant attacked Jones in front of the Gelatiamo ice cream store.

    He then ran across Union Street and attacked the two women near the Wild Ginger restaurant.

    Police quickly put up yellow tape around the crime scene, as crowds stopped to watch and ask what happened.

    The injuries did not appear to be extremely serious because all the victims sat in the back of police cars to give statements.

    A police sergeant on the scene gave Jones and his son a ride home.

    After hearing that the elderly man hit the assailant, the sergeant said, "He messed with the wrong guy."

    Jones' son was just baffled. "Is that attempted murder?" he said. "You wouldn't like it if it was your dad."

    After the 33-year-old man, who helped catch the assailant, heard that Jones swung his cane at the attacker, he said: "Sweet."
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    I really don't know what is causing people to go so weird around here. All sort of strange crimes keep popping up. I f more people carried leagaly perhaps it would deter some of these crimes, but I doubt it. The world is just going crazy.

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    Ack! I've heard about people creeping up behind long-ponytailed women and cutting their ponytails off with scissors, but not this one.
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    Wacked out people that's why I hate big cities and moved where I am.
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    Ah, you missed the follow-up (as posted on TPI, earlier) Little more detail on the venerable Mr. Jones..

    Attacker meets his match in man, 82

    By Jennifer Sullivan

    Gus Jones, 82, of Seattle, used his cane to fight off a man who police say tried to set three people on fire.

    When the stranger ran up behind Gus Jones in downtown Seattle Wednesday and dumped liquid on his back, Jones, 82, said he immediately recognized the odor of lighter fluid.

    Jones hollered and whacked Paul Pearson with his metal cane, which he believes prevented Pearson from hurling a match at him.

    Two women standing a short distance away weren't so lucky.

    The attacker turned from Jones and sprinted several feet toward the women at the corner of Third Avenue and Union Street. After dousing them with lighter fluid, Pearson managed to set the women on fire, according to Seattle police.

    The women, 41 and 35, weren't seriously injured, police said. Both said that their hair and jackets were singed, Seattle police spokesman Jeff Kappel said.

    "They got lit on fire, but it sounds like it burned the back of their jackets and hair," Kappel said. "They were treated and released from the scene."

    Several witnesses grabbed Pearson, 50, and held him until police arrived, Kappel said. Pearson was booked into the King County Jail for investigation of assault.

    Police didn't immediately know of any motive for the bizarre attacks.

    "He's got no relation to any of the victims," Kappel said.

    Jones said he had just left his doctor and was walking to the post office when someone grabbed his shoulder. Jones said he thought it was his son, but when he smelled the lighter fluid on his coat and heard strangers yelling, he knew something was wrong.

    Jones said he fell to the ground after hitting Pearson so hard that it bent his cane. He said Pearson never said anything to him.

    "I'm pretty peeved about this. I feel as though people like this shouldn't be out on the street," Jones said. "This man was crazy."

    Jones, who retired to Seattle after owning a grocery store in San Francisco, served with the Navy in the Pacific during World War II. He uses a cane because of recent hip surgery.

    "I'm not a tough guy; I don't bother nobody and nobody bothers me," he said. "But if somebody is going to harm you, you got to harm them."

    If anyone is interested, I wouldn't mind pitching $10 into a pot to send Mr Jones a new cane:

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    Hooah Mr. Jones!!! I'll be donating $10 ASAP.
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    Interesting subject: Is a guy with a can of lighter fluid a deadly threat? Is this perp lucky some permit-holder didn't light HIM up with Federal Hydrashocks?

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