New Orleans mother gives her son a gun to kill enemy in revenge

A mother and her teenage son have been accused of second-degree murder, with police saying the mother gave him a gun after he lost a fight and told him to take revenge.

So she sent him out urging him to commit murder, and now they both face a murder charge (when they're found). Amazing. This is how the woman "looks after" her son? By sending him out to murder, and ruining his life? (Of course, he also had to agree to do it, it's not like he was forced.)

The article mentions that New Orleans still--despite having police patrols by state police and National Guard troops, is awash in out-of-control crime.

Did you see Batman Begins? Remember how the League of Shadows took upon itself the responsibility to destroy any city that had fallen into irretrievable corruption and decrepitude? Where are they when New Orleans needs them?!