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    NRA-ILA - state issues to note


    (***For all of the action items below, you can find contact information
    for your legislators by visiting, clicking the "Take
    Action" icon, and then clicking the "Write Your Representatives" icon.
    As always, thank you for your support.***)

    States with updates this issue: Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois,
    Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey,
    New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, and

    Last week HB 1011, sponsored by State Representative Cory Gardner
    (R-63), passed the House Judiciary Committee by a vote of 6-5. The bill
    now heads to the State House floor for a vote. HB1011, the "Castle
    Doctrine" self-defense bill, simply states that if a criminal breaks
    into your home or your place of business, you do not have a "duty to
    retreat." The bill also provides protection from criminal prosecution
    for those who defend themselves from criminal attack. Please contact
    your State Representative today at (303) 866-2904, or if outside of
    Denver, at (800) 811-7647 and respectfully urge them to support HB1011.
    House Bill 1278 has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee.
    This legislation sponsored by State Representative Joel Judd (D-5), will
    allow municipalities to prohibit the carrying of a loaded handgun in a
    vehicle without a valid concealed carry permit. Please contact the
    members of the House Judiciary Committee and respectfully ask them to
    vote against House Bill 1278. Members of the committee are: Chairman
    Terrance Carroll; Representative Morgan Carroll; Representative Mike
    Cerbo; Representative Bob Gardner; Representative Andrew Kerr;
    Representative Steve King; Representative Claire Levy; Representative
    Rosemary Marshall; Representative Ellen Roberts; Representative Debbie
    Stafford; Representative Amy Stephens. Currently in the Senate there
    are two anti-gun bills: House Bill 1174, legislation sponsored by State
    Representative Al White (R-57), would repeal the sunset review of the
    law enforcement database of carry permit holders. This legislation has
    already passed the House of Representatives and is in danger of passing
    the Senate. Senate Bill 34, sponsored by State Senator John Morse
    (D-11), will be heading to the Senate floor soon. If enacted, concealed
    carry permits will no longer be honored if the address on the holder's
    identification is different than the state where the permit was issued.
    For example, a Florida permit issued to a non-resident will not be
    recognized in Colorado. No demonstrated need has been presented to
    justify Senate Bill 34, legislation that will potentially threaten
    reciprocity agreements. This bill will invalidate non-resident permit
    holders as well as create second-class citizens out of Colorado
    residents. Please contact your State Senator today at (303) 866-2316
    and respectfully urge him or her to OPPOSE House Bill 1174 and Senate
    Bill 34. Senate Bill 109 has been referred to the Senate Judiciary
    Committee. This legislation sponsored by State Senator Ron Tupa (D-18),
    authorizes the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to impose a $15 fee for
    performing an instant background check prior to purchase of a firearm.
    Please contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and
    respectfully urge them to vote against Senate Bill 109. Members of the
    committee are: Chairman Brandon Shaffer; Senator John Morse; Senator Bob
    Bacon; Senator Betty Boyd; Senator Shawn Mitchell; Senator Scott
    Renfroe, Senator Steve Ward. Please keep checking your email and for future updates on this threat to the Second Amendment
    in Colorado!

    Senate Bill 43, sponsored by Senator Chip Rogers (R-21), passed the
    Senate Judiciary Committee by a vote of 8-2, and will now head to the
    Senate floor. SB 43, "Employee Rights," would allow employees to
    lawfully carry and possess firearms in locked motor vehicles on their
    employer's property. Please call your State Senator at (404) 656-5030,
    and urge him or her to vote "Yes" on SB 43. House Bill 89, sponsored by
    Timothy Bearden (R-68), would enhance the right of self-defense by
    allowing an individual who qualifies for a license to carry a handgun,
    even if the individual does not have such a license, and to transport a
    loaded firearm in any private passenger motor vehicle. HB 89 has passed
    favorably out of the House Committee. Please keep checking your email
    for updates on this important issue.

    Committee Chair Senator Lorraine Inouye (D-1), has indicated she may not
    bring Senate Bill 1224 before the Intergovernmental & Military Affairs
    Committee for a hearing before the Friday, February 16, "lateral"
    deadline. If the bill does not cross over to the House before the
    deadline, the bill is considered dead this legislative session. SB1224,
    sponsored by Senator Clarence Nishihara (D-18), would require police to
    accept applications for permits to acquire and register firearms at any
    police station. This bill would help law-abiding gun owners by allowing
    them to register at their local police sub-station instead of traveling
    to the Honolulu Police Department. Please contact Senator Inouye today
    and ask that she hear SB 1224 BEFORE the cut-off deadline. Senator
    Inouye can be reached at (808) 586-7335 or email at

    Please join your fellow Illinois gun owners for the annual Illinois Gun
    Owners Lobby Day (IGOLD) on March 14, 2007, in Springfield! This is
    your opportunity to lobby your lawmakers directly and make a positive
    impact for all Illinois gun owners. Participants will meet in the
    auditorium of the Howlett Building at 12:30 p.m., for registration and a
    legislative briefing before proceeding to the Capitol Building. That
    evening, a reception will be held at the Illinois State Library
    Auditorium from 5:30-7:30 p.m., for both gun owners and state lawmakers.
    IGOLD will have buses available to transport participants to
    Springfield from various locations throughout Illinois. For more
    information on IGOLD 2007, to sign-up online, or for more information on
    scheduled bus routes, please visit

    The City of Murray's Public Safety Committee held a hearing yesterday,
    regarding a ban on the discharge of firearms, air guns, and bows! The
    Committee decided to table the issue until a later date. Since this
    issue is not completely dead, your City Council still needs to hear from
    you! The City Council can be reached at (270) 762-0350, or by e-mail at Please strongly urge them to oppose this
    anti-gun ordinance!

    Maryland's "assault weapon ban" legislation is back, along with a new
    proposal titled "Assault Weapon Tax." Your State Legislator needs to
    hear from you today! The following bills have already been introduced:
    Senate Bill 43, "Assault Weapon Ban of 2007," sponsored by Senator
    Michael Lenett (D-19), would designate specified firearms, including
    many semi-automatics as "assault weapons," prohibit persons from
    transporting, possessing, selling, offering to sell, transferring, or
    receiving a specified "assault weapon(s)," and require the Handgun
    Roster Board to compile and maintain a roster of prohibited specified
    "assault weapons;" House Bill 441, sponsored by Representative Craig
    Rice (D-19), the "Assault Weapon Tax," would impose a 10% tax on the
    sale of an "assault weapon;" and House Bill 617, sponsored by the
    Montgomery County Delegation, would allow Montgomery County to enact
    specified ordinances regulating the purchase, sale, taxation, transfer,
    manufacture, repair, ownership, possession, and transportation of
    specified firearms. Contact your State Senator and State Delegate today
    and urge him or her to OPPOSE SB 43, HB 441, and HB 617! A general
    contact number for the Maryland General Assembly is (410) 841-3000.

    Senate Bill 119, sponsored by State Senator Martha Scott (D-2), has been
    referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. This legislation would
    require a person to store a firearm in a locked container or with a
    trigger lock to make it inaccessible to minors. Call your State Senator
    today at (517) 373-2400 and respectfully ask them to vote against Senate
    Bill 119.

    House File 498, "Castle Doctrine" legislation, sponsored by State
    Representative Tony Cornish (R-24B) would allow a person to use deadly
    force in and outside of their home and vehicle and removes duty to
    retreat when outside of the home. This legislation provides criminal
    immunity when someone is justified in using deadly force. The House
    Public Safety and Civil Justice Committee, which currently has the bill,
    may not even hear it because of anti-gun members. Please contact your
    State Representative at (651) 296-2146 and respectfully ask him or her
    to demand House File 498 go before the House Public Safety and Civil
    Justice Committee. Senate File 446, sponsored by State Senator Pat
    Pariseau (R-36), is the companion legislation to House File 498 -
    "Castle Doctrine." This legislation is facing the same opposition as
    its companion - not being heard by the committee. Please contact your
    State Senator at (651) 296-0504 and respectfully ask him or her to
    demand the Senate Judiciary Committee hold hearings on Senate File 446
    to allow law-abiding citizens to protect themselves.

    On Monday, February 12, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear a
    number of firearms-related bills. Please contact your State Senator at
    (573)-751-3824 and urge him or her to: support these important pro-gun
    bills: Senate Bill 257 (Missouri Disaster Recovery Protection Act)
    sponsored by Senator Kevin Engler (R-3), would prohibit the suspension
    of your Second Amendment rights, as well protect against confiscation of
    firearms, during a declared state of emergency; Senate Bill 457,
    sponsored by Senator Chuck Purgason (R-33), would repeal the requirement
    for the outdated and unnecessary permit to acquire a handgun; and
    finally, Senate Bill 41 (also sponsored by Sen. Purgason), and Senate
    Bill 62, sponsored by Senator Jack Goodman (R-29), are Castle Doctrine
    bills that would further protect the rights of law-abiding citizens to
    defend themselves and their families from violent attacks. Also urge
    your legislators to oppose these anti-gun bills: Senate Bill 144,
    sponsored by gun-ban advocate Senator Joan Bray (D-24), would create the
    crime of "negligent storage," and Senate Bill 337, also sponsored by
    gun-ban advocate Senator Joan Bray (D-24), would require any business
    that sells firearms or ammunition to use video surveillance cameras.
    In the House of Representatives: Representative David Pearce (R-121)
    has introduced the House version of the Missouri Disaster Recovery
    Protection Act, along with two more versions, House Bill 60 and House
    Bill 189 , introduced by Representative Marilyn Ruestman (R-131) and
    Representative Kenny Jones (R-117) respectively. These bills were heard
    this week in the House Special Committee on General Laws. Neither bill
    was voted on, however they were both well received by the committee.
    Please keeping checking your email or for updates on
    Missouri legislation.

    Nevada's 2007 Legislative Session begins Monday, February 5, and prior
    to the start of session, NRA is asking its members in the Silver State
    to contact their legislators and ask them to co-author Senator John
    Lee's (D- Clark, No. 1) BDR-45 when it is assigned a bill number. This
    bill seeks to remove the exemption for Clark County from the state
    firearms preemption law, passed in 1989, which prohibits cities and
    counties from regulating firearms. This would eliminate, among other
    local laws, the handgun registration ordinance currently in effect in
    Clark County and restore continuity for law-abiding Nevadans traveling
    county to county with their firearms. It is vital that Senator John Lee
    head to Carson City with as much steam for this bill as we can provide!
    Please contact your State Assembly member at (775) 684-8555 and your
    State Senator at (775) 684-1400. Also, in a direct assault on Nevada's
    Right-to-Carry Permit holders, the Nevada Chiefs and Sheriffs
    Association has sponsored a bill before the 2007 Legislature that would
    double the maximum fee an issuing authority can charge not only for
    first-time permit applicants, but for the permit renewals as well.
    Assembly Bill 21, which will be soon be scheduled for a hearing in the
    Assembly Judiciary Committee, will raise the current maximum processing
    application fee from its current $60 to $125, bringing the average cost
    of obtaining a permit, with training requirements included, to $300 to
    $400! This would create an environment where Nevada's most financially
    vulnerable, such as single mothers and fathers, or seniors on a fixed
    income, cannot afford the most basic right of self-defense. It is vital
    that NRA members, whether permit holders or not, contact their local
    Sheriffs and members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee to politely
    voice their concern. Please use the following link for a list of the
    members of the Judiciary Committee and their contact information:

    On February 8, by a vote of 6-0, the New Jersey Assembly Law and Public
    Safety Committee voted in favor of A-3511, the gun-rationing bill that
    would criminalize the purchase of more than one handgun per month by
    honest citizens. The vote was preceded by a public hearing during which
    the Mayor of Jersey City and his police chief, embarrassed by the recent
    defeat in court of their own local gun rationing ordinance, attacked
    multiple handgun sales as a cause of crime, even when those sales are
    made to law-abiding purchasers. Second Amendment leaders and activists
    from New Jersey decried the bill as misguided "feel-good" legislation
    that will fail to reduce crime because it only targets sales by licensed
    dealers to law-abiding citizens who have been carefully pre-screened by
    the State. Numerous other flaws in the bill were raised. Now that
    A-3511 has been passed out of committee, it is positioned to make its
    way to the full Assembly. Based on statements made by several
    legislators, the bill is likely to be amended first. Please keep
    checking your email or for future updates and action

    County Executive Andy Spano has proposed changing the pistol license
    authority in Westchester County from elected county judges to the
    un-elected police commissioner and requiring all pistol license holders
    to reapply for their licenses every five years, providing justification
    as to why they still need them. A copy of the proposal is available at Please
    contact your county legislators and State Representatives and let them
    know you oppose Spano's plans. The deadline for them to act is February
    12. The next scheduled meeting of the Board of Legislators is Monday,
    February 12, at 10:00 a.m., in the Legislative Chambers, 8th floor of
    the Westchester County Office Building, 800 Michaelian Office Building,
    148 Martine Avenue, White Plains. Please use the following link for
    contact information

    HB1319, critical "Castle Doctrine" legislation sponsored by State
    Representative Todd Porter (R-34), is moving toward the House floor for
    a vote. This "Castle Doctrine" self-defense bill states that if a
    criminal breaks into your home, your occupied vehicle, or your place of
    business, you do not have a "duty to retreat." The bill also provides
    protection from criminal prosecution and civil litigation for those who
    defend themselves from criminal attack. Please contact your State
    Representative at (888) NDLEGIS (635-3447), or (701) 328-3373 (local),
    and respectfully urge him or her to support HB1319. House Bill 1200,
    sponsored by State Representative Todd Porter (R-34), would create
    "PLOTS"--Private Land Open To Sportsmen. The bill passed the House
    Natural Resources Committee by a vote of 11-2, and is being referred to
    the House Appropriations Committee. HB1200 will allow the director of
    the North Dakota Game and Fish Department to lease private land for the
    purpose of opening that land to hunters under the age of 18, as well as
    to create a youth hunting grant program to encourage youth hunting. A
    licensed adult hunter must accompany all hunters under the age 16, and
    the adult is allowed to hunt. Please contact your State Representative
    at (888) NDLEGIS (635-3447), or 701-328-3373 (local), and respectfully
    urge him or her to support House Bill 1200 to carry on the tradition of
    hunting in North Dakota.

    Animal rights activists are pressuring your State Representatives to put
    a stop to the century old tradition of pigeon shoots in the Commonwealth
    of Pennsylvania! Early next week, the House Judiciary Committee will be
    voting on House Bill 73, sponsored by Representative Frank Shimkus
    (D-113). House Bill 73 is a proposal that would ban pigeon shoots in
    the Commonwealth. This meeting was scheduled at the request of the
    Judiciary Committee Chair for Tuesday, February 13, Room 205, Ryan
    Office Building. Pigeon shoots are a traditional and international
    shooting sport. We cannot let this longstanding tradition disappear!
    Many of the animal "rights" activists who have protested these shoots
    are not residents of Pennsylvania. Their tactics have hardly been
    laudable; rather they have often been in violation of the law. Banning
    pigeon shoots would be a first step in advancing their agenda, and they
    won't stop there! Please call your State Representative at (717)
    787-2372, and urge him or her to stand against the pressures of animal
    rights activist and oppose House Bill 73!

    House Bill 1305, sponsored by State Representative Mike Buckingham
    (R-33), passed the House Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee with
    a vote of 9 to 4 on February 8. The bill as originally introduced
    provided no age limit for small game and a limit of 10 years old for big
    game. It was amended before passing to lower the eligible hunting age
    for both big and small game to 10 years old. States with restrictive
    hunt ages have the lowest hunter retention numbers in the country.
    Thirty states do not have a minimum age requirement, and those states
    have the highest youth hunting rates while enjoying safety records that
    are equal to, or better than, states with the restrictive ages. Please
    contact your State Senator at (605) 773-3821, and your State
    Representative at (605) 773-3851, and respectfully let them know you
    support House Bill 1305, as well as empowering parents to make these

    This week, the Senate Transportation & Homeland Security Committee
    unanimously reported out SB 112, NRA-backed legislation prohibiting the
    confiscation of firearms and ammunition from law-abiding citizens during
    a future state of emergency or natural disaster. The bill now moves to
    the full Senate for consideration--we'll keep you posted. Thank you for
    your calls in support of this important bill!

    Several pro-Second Amendment measures have been passed by the House of
    Delegates and will soon be heard in various Senate committees. Please
    contact your State Senator at (804)-698-7410 and strongly encourage him
    or her to support the following bills: House Bill 1626, sponsored by
    Delegate Bill Janis (R-56) would provide for civil immunity in cases
    involving use of force for self-defense; House Bill 2106, sponsored by
    Delegate Charles Carrico (R-5) would repeal authority for localities to
    require fingerprints for right-to-carry permit applicants; House Bill
    2235, sponsored by Delegate Dave Nutter (R-7) would provide for full
    recognition of out-of-state concealed carry permits issued to those 21
    years and older; House Bill 2547, sponsored by Delegate Charles Carrico,
    would prohibit localities from restricting the carrying of firearms on
    public roads - except for hunting; House Bill 2653, sponsored by
    Delegate Scott Lingamfelter (R-31) would prohibit gun dealer stings and
    entrapment schemes in Virginia like those brought by New York City Mayor
    Michael Bloomberg; House Bill 3109, sponsored by Delegate Bill Janis,
    would prohibit localities from restricting hunting within mile of a
    subdivision; House Bill 3108, sponsored by Delegate Janis, would
    prohibit medical professionals from asking minor patients if their
    parents own firearms; and House Bill 2588, sponsored by Delegate Janis,
    would provide that the Superintendent of State Police may authorize
    transfers of NFA firearms. Your State Senator Needs to hear your voice
    Chris - P95
    NRA Certified Instructor & NRA Life Member.

    "To own a gun and assume that you are armed
    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!." - a portal for 2A links, articles and some videos.

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