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We're being treated like slaves........

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Thread: We're being treated like slaves........

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    Quote Originally Posted by one eyed fatman View Post
    I'm sure our present form of government will be changing that as soon as some corporation pays them to.
    I have a great fondness for our form of government. While individuals my prove to be corrupt, our republic was set up pretty well. Through time and the shedding of much blood, the constitutional guarantees we so value were extended to all. That's why I had, and still have, no qualms about swearing to preserve and defend it. Still flawed, but still worthy.

    While some decry our disappearing right to keep and bear arms, it looks to me like we're in better shape now than in some time. The so-called "assault weapons ban" went away, not that it really banned much to begin with. Concealed carry and castle doctrine laws are on the increase, rather than the contrary, and more and more quality weapons are available. There's even a proposal from a Washington, D.C. politician (Marion Barry) to repeal their ban, albeit on a test basis.

    Some states, like Maryland, are more of a problem, but those are very much in the minority. And yes, it would be dreadfully inconvenient for someone to have to move. As QKShooter said, however, "It's important not to confuse difficult or inconvenient with not possible."

    I get the point that was attempted to be made by the slave comparison, but it's just too hyperbolic. There are obviously far too many dissimilarities for it to be an effective argument, unless you're just interested in preaching to the choir.

    If you have the opportunity to see it, I highly recommend the recent PBS miniseries "Slavery and the Making of America". I was especially struck by the tragic ends of the ill-fated slave rebellions, such as Jemmy and the Stono Rebellion of 1739, Gabriel in Virginia in 1800, Denmark Vesey in Charleston, South Carolina in 1822, and Nat Turner at Southampton County, Virginia, in 1831.
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    It appears to me that we are getting a little too PC and a little too sensitive about this post.

    I get the comparison and I don't believe for an instant that Goawayfarm was attempting to trivialize slavery at all.

    His comparison was that today's gun laws are the same ones used against black people in the past and it is a completely valid comparison on this forum. There was no attempt to say that slaves had it as good as we do or that our plight is as bad as theirs was. I think we are reaching for that one.

    Check out www.blackmanwithagun.com. Check out the tab "history of gun control".

    Ken Blanchard is a former marine and a respected minister. He is also a black man. I read an article about him in the Washington Post years ago and he is an articulate 2nd Amendment spokesman.

    He has stated many times that gun control was initially imposed as a racist measure to keep guns out of the hands of blacks. He goes on to show that many of the gun laws passed after slavery was abolished were passed in order to keep guns out of the hands of blacks.

    The main point (to me anyway) in the post is that the whole gun control BS is about CONTROLL. In the past, they wanted to control the slaves. Now the socialist antigunners want to control ALL of the subjects.

    We should think about this.
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    We all understood the analogy, credit us with that at least. The counterpoint raised was that this kind of comparison can be used against us by the antis who lurk here, not necessarily the most damaging thing in the world if someone chooses to quote us out of context on their blog but it all adds up. We are right in this fight for RKBA, let's remain in control of our moral upper ground.
    And as to being PC, that is a common slur used against someone being anything more than thoughtless. Read the previous sentence three times before digesting.

    Really, we are all on the same page here, we agree we have 'rights and privileges' that could be eroded in a blink of the eye. But some of us are keeping one eye on the prize and one on the opposing offense.

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