Proposed 10-day waiting period

Proposed 10-day waiting period

This is a discussion on Proposed 10-day waiting period within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Ok, here it is, the first of probably many bills/hearings on why we need a 10-day waiting period. This proposal is being heard today, in ...

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Thread: Proposed 10-day waiting period

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    Proposed 10-day waiting period

    Ok, here it is, the first of probably many bills/hearings on why we need a 10-day waiting period.
    This proposal is being heard today, in Maine, by Rep Margaret M. Craven (D) from maine. It is proposed to mandate a 10- day waiting period for people 18-21 in order to purchase a rifle or shotgun. it's only the beginning..

    The Rep:
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    This is a darn good way to get 18-21 year olds interested in politics and voting!!!!!!
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    More attempts at ''thin end of wedge'' - and we all know what the fat end could be.

    Rendell in PA wants the gun a month limit crap, which IIRC is being tried somewhere else. Criminals must laugh at these absurdities.
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    So now guns are the cause of suicide? How about a waiting period for prescription drugs, or rope, or to cross a bridge?
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    This is one of my "representatives" . Guess I need to fire off an email or two . The woman that started this whole thing had a son who killed himself after buying a gun . She thinks that he'd still be alive if only he had to wait to get it . Thing is , she doesn't "get it" . Suicide rates have stayed pretty level regardless of gun laws. Will have to pass that info onto my rep .

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    She might mean well, but this isn't going to stop the problem of teenage suicides. A couple of guys I graduated high school with committed suicide since graduation, and there have been a one or two at college while I have been here. One of them at college was an engineering student who figured out a way to hang himself from a pipe in the 8ft ceiling, without having a drop, and still break his neck. Had he had a firearm, would he have used it? Maybe, but he found another way, and it is kind of hard to ban rope.

    One of the guys from high school used a rifle, the other hung himself. Honestly as bad as it sounds, when I heard the news about both of them, I wasn't really surprised. I hadn't hung out with either of them in high school, but knew who they were, and it just didn't come as a big surpirse, the warning signs were there. And had been there as far back as high school, and one of them was last year. 10 days wouldn't have made a difference in the course of the 5 years or so that he should have gotten help.

    All the efforts put into this bill and what would be spent if it passed would be much better spent on helping young people who have problems and show the warning signs (you may not see them at the time, but looking back you always do.) Counseling and other forms of help would prevent most of them, and would have much higher success rates than trying to ban firearms, because people still find a way without them.

    Now, adding some of my college education to the discussion. A large number of suicides that are completed are committed with firearms. People think it will be relatively quick and painless, and firearms aren't that hard to buy. Also a number of "shot while cleaning his firearms" cases are suicides, but that isn't put in the news. (neither of the guys from high school were ever publicly referred to suicides, but friends of theirs are friends with my room mate, so that is how I know.) Usually if someone wants to commit suicide, they go for something like a firearm, or jumping from somewhere high, or hanging. Women also attempt suicide more, men complete it more (they also usually go for the methods listed above). Women tend to go for the overdose with pills or slitting the wrist approach, and their attempts in general are more of a "cry for help".

    All of that is pretty much a generalization of a large problem of the age group I am just now leaving, and their are exceptions. Suicide rates go up and down sometimes for the population as a whole (like up during the Great Depression), but for young people (say the 12-21 age group), they remain pretty constant over time.
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    Just More B.S...

    from the peopld who brought you all the other B.S...

    Stay armed...stay safe!

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    I can't agree more with what all of you have said. WHERE are the PARENTS at this pont? The boy could have used a chainsaw for all intents and purposes if he really wanted to do away with himself. The Representitive is very anit-gun, and the hearings were to be held today. I think the kid bought the rifle/shotgun he used to kill himself at the very store I work at. With what we're taught at the store, is to be cautious of the ones who wan tto buy just anything. Yesterday, I had a woman come in, and want to buy a brand new Walther PPKs.......she said "I'll buy that one" without really handling it at all. This threw a HUGE red flag up to me, and I was cauctious of her purchase. I then asked her if she wanted to see a used one, and she said "yes". She then proceeded to tell me she wanted the used one, without handling it. I then said "ok may I have your drivers' License (Ma/NH resiednts can buy with a Drivers' Licence and NH residents can have it transfered to our exchange point our other FFL in NH) The woman then told me her correct address and it didn't match the address on her License. I then asked for a current address (car reg, tax bill, hunting license, which she told me "I'll be right back with it" to which I never saw her again. Leads em to believe she may have been dispondent or something worse.
    If we give in to a 10-day waiting period (where the NICS is the go/ no go system) it's only the tip of ther iceberg, and we'll be back to a ban or 10-day waiting period for everything imaginable.
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