University of Utah Gun Ban Bill

University of Utah Gun Ban Bill

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Thread: University of Utah Gun Ban Bill

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    University of Utah Gun Ban Bill

    I'm sure some people on this board are familiar with the long, drawn out saga of the University of Utah trying to prevent CCW on campus. When we last left this tale of academic idiocy, the university had gone to the legislature to try to accomplish what they were unable to through a lawsuit. The bill they were hoping to pass would have allowed faculty to ban guns from their offices and allowed students living in dorms to request a roommate that doesn't have a CCW permit (already much reduced from the university's original aims).

    Today I got an e-mail from the university president (I am a UofU student). The bill the university was supporting did pass, but in order to get it through, they had to remove the provision on faculty offices. So the only thing the bill does is allow students to request that their roommate not have a CCW permit. In return for the passage of this bill, the university dropped their lawsuit against the state in federal court where they were trying to get the decision of the Utah State Supreme Court overturned. The Salt Lake Tribune has a (very short) story here.

    Now I would have rather the legislature passed nothing at all and sent the university administration packing empty handed, since I don't think their federal lawsuit was going anywhere. However, if they had to pass something, this is about the most inoffensive thing that could be hoped for. This means that the only place that will be off limits for CCW on the UofU campus is a single secure hearing room (already provided for by state law). It also means that I'll be able to continue carrying without having to let faculty members know why I can't come into their offices.

    The only downside to this that I can see is that CCW holders who want to live in dorms will presumably have to tell someone that they have a CCW permit so they don't get assigned an anti- as a roommate (my permit status is certainly not info I would like to go around advertising). On the positive side, anyone making such a request probably wouldn't be someone I would want as a roommate anyway. As a practical matter, this probably won't have much effect. You have to be 21 to obtain a CCW permit in Utah (and most other states), and my guess is there are few students 21 or older living in university housing.

    Overall, despite the passage of a minor restriction, I think we can call this one a win.

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    Too bad about the new law, but damn, I wish I was in school there. In FL you can't even have a gun in your car in the parking lot at the college.

    There is a loophole that allows the school parking agreement to decide their own policy, and of course their policy is no guns allowed on campus. So, that's that. It really sux.
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    All of that aside for a moment, I am not sure what to think about the idea of a college student sharing a room with someone who is a stranger when they get put together, keeping a gun in the room. How secure is the gun against theft? College dorm rooms are NOTORIOUSLY burglarized; often, it happens because the room is left unlocked.

    If they're not in a mammoth, nearly-impossible-to-move gun safe, how are the guns to be secured if you have a roommate who doesn't object to your gun/permit?

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    I think no gun stickers should be put up on rooms, like no smoking stickers for non smoking rooms or victim lives here
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    How about a "No Sheep" sticker....may have more than one connotation...

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