Nothing could be done until......

By Jim Irvine

I sometimes watch a program on ER trauma on the Discovery Health Channel. They covered a common situation of a woman who was brutally beaten and tortured by her ex-boyfriend. Police arrived before he killed her, but not before significant physical and emotional damage had occurred.

She had a restraining order against the man. She had expressed concerns for her safety to police, who could not do anything about her ex’s “strange behavior.” Yet she knew she was in danger.

A doctor on the show lamented that “we accept this type of behavior” in society. His reasoning seemed to be that he sees it often enough that it must be “acceptable.” If not, how could he see such abuse of fellow human beings on a daily basis?

While the show is good at describing the treatment of serious injuries, they gave no advice on how to prevent it. An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure. Never did they recommend women carry a gun to protect her life.

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