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Thread: Long - but worthy (attn Mn Carry people)

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    Long - but worthy (attn Mn Carry people)

    May be old news (have'nt been around much) But is a worthy remention if it is .
    The Legislature is on break for Passover and Easter. There will be no legislative
    activity until April 10. House and Senate offices will be closed April 6.

    Next Tuesday April 10th there will be a show down on the floor of the House over the
    “Stand Your Ground” bill HF498 when the session begins at 12:00 PM. Representative
    Cornish will ask fellow House members to pull the Stand Your Ground bill from the
    Civil Justice and Public Safety committee where the majority party sent it to die. The
    majority party will attempt to kill it again by re-referring it back to Civil
    Justice or to another committee. If these efforts can be stopped and the bill is returned
    to the House instead, it can be given a second reading and a debate followed by an
    up or down vote. Should it pass the House, it will then be sent over to the Senate
    where the fight will continue.

    This bill can stay alive with your help. We have been here before. The following
    things are what you need to do and when you need to do them.

    *** Immediately send this email to all your gun owner friends so we can get as much
    help as possible.

    *** Send the following email on Monday and again early Tuesday morning before the
    session resumes at noon. To make this very easy for you, use the GOCRA email service
    at http://mnccrn.org/ccrn_old/beheard/sendlegemail.html . Your email needs to be sent
    to “ALL HOUSE” members found at the bottom of the “send to” drop down list. One
    email will be sent to everyone. Here’s the email.


    RE: HF 498

    Very soon you will be required to cast a crucial procedural vote on the Castle
    Doctrine sponsored by Rep Tony Cornish. He is asking is that HF 498, the "Stand Your
    Ground" legislation, be given an up or down vote on the floor of the House, since he
    couldn't get it heard in committee. We will be watching to see that you vote
    AFFIRMATIVELY to bring HF 498 up out of committee onto the House Floor for a vote.

    A vote to "kill the bill" by sending HF 498 back to a committee or to the Rules
    committee will be counted as a bad vote by Minnesota gun owners.

    Thank you,

    (your name and address will be filled in for you)

    Every email from a gun owner is very important, even from those of you who live in
    Wisconsin and carry in Minnesota! Remember this bill began with just a handful of
    co-authors and with your help now has gained about three dozen co-authors in several
    weeks. Representative Cornish is doing all he can to keep this bill alive and this is
    the next hurdle we need to help him clear in the process. Every email sent by gun
    owners only improves our chance of success so email early and often.

    So, please share this email with as many gun owners as you can and don’t forget to
    send an email (or two) from this link
    http://mnccrn.org/ccrn_old/beheard/sendlegemail.html to ALL HOUSE members on the
    drop down list on next Monday and again on Tuesday morning.

    It’s About Liberty, Your Liberty.

    Gene German
    Executive Director

    If you received this eBlast from another gun owner friend, I invite you to sign up
    to receive your own eBlast so you are guaranteed to get every important notice about
    legislation that affects you, and notification of all Gun Owners Civil Rights
    Alliance events in St. Paul and all around the state. Just follow this link and complete
    the information http://www.mnccrn.org/ccrn_old/ccrn.html.

    If you happen to know other responsible gun owners, please share this eBlast with
    every one of them also. Please make a paper copy for those who do not have access to
    email. Our thousands of supporters are diverse but we all share one thing in common,
    we want to preserve all of our rights as gun owners.

    If you do not wish to receive these emails in the future, just reply all and type
    “please remove me”. You may get another email before your name is removed by one of
    our volunteers, but we will honor your request.

    If every one of Minnesota’s 500,000 hunters and other gun owners who perhaps do not
    hunt, were a sponsor of GOCRA, then no Bill should become law that we did not
    support and no person should be elected to any state office who did not deserve our “A”

    Although we have our friends on both sides of the isle, we also have enemies in the
    legislature as well. They are very busy with their clever attempts to take away your
    rights. If you add your voice to ours, we can stop these very dangerous Bills from
    becoming law.

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