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Do you belong to a Gun Rights Association?

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  • NRA (National Rifle Association)

    312 90.17%
  • GOA (Gun Owners of America)

    39 11.27%
  • AGA (American Gun Association(

    1 0.29%
  • Your States Gun Association

    90 26.01%
  • Other

    79 22.83%
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Thread: Do you belong to a Gun Rights Association?

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    Quote Originally Posted by robere View Post
    You asked the question " Do you belong to a Gun Rights Association"? There was'nt a place to vote "no". Is it assumed that everyone is a member of something? I have only recently become interested in guns. Ive had one all my life for protection in the home, but rarely shot it. I bet there was a 10 year span where I never shot a gun.
    I know many on here are going to GASP, but I always looked at the NRA as extreme. Ive always shy'd away from extremest groups even if I was for the cause. Maybe it was the "from my cold dead hands thing". I do believe some wont admit they arent a member on here. Since educating myself on guns, I do feel different about it. I also know that alot of these laws wouldnt be passed if it werent for the NRA. I also believe in supporting the cause ,so now I may become a member.
    I'm a member of the NRA and GOAL (Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts). I was raised in a very liberal household (in Massachusetts - I know, such a shocker!), and held much the same view of the NRA for a long time ( parents believed them to be the "bad guys"). When I finally was introduced to the shooting sports and began learning a little about the history of firearms and the shooting sports in general, I began do some more digging into the NRA (the whole "learning to think for myself" process once I left home). While I don't agree with some of the NRA's positions and actions (as I'm sure many people on this board do not), I believe their overarching cause is just and I've agreed with many of their legislative efforts (and as much as I hate the idea of lobbyist groups, they are a fact of life so I might as well support one that actually voices concerns of mine), therefore I support them with membership.

    GOAL is an organization who has been working very hard to try and reverse the draconian gun laws of this state and I wholeheartedly support their efforts at education and reformation.

    Regardless: you should only join/support groups that you feel are worthy. If you don't like the NRA or the NRA's actions, then I don't see any problem with you not joining (others may have different opinions). Just because you're a gun owner doesn't mean you have to join any group. However, if you find that a group is working on behalf of views that you hold (say a local group or another national association like those mentioned), then it certainly wouldn't be a bad thing to support them.

    Now as far as owning a gun and barely ever shooting it, I'd probably give you a lot more grief (knowledge, training, experience handling, etc.). :)

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    I'm a member of USCCA and OFCC.

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    First of all I am sorry I did not put in the JPFO I have heard of that organization but I just forgot about it.

    I also should have put in a category for "I don't belong to any organization" I did not think of that either.

    I hope this thread will move people to join an organization that supports gun rights because we need all the help we can get at every level.

    I work in the Association Industry and there are associations for every business, every sport, every belief under the sun. If you are a retailer and you do not belong to the retailers association of America then you are letting your counterparts pay your way. If you are a Pharmacist and don't belong you still get the benefits of the association's hard work on your behalf.

    Lets take the Texas State Rifle Association for instance (I am not a member today but I should be). They have fought very hard for gun owners rights in Texas, and with out them we would not have Right to Carry, The castle doctrine, or the soon to be passed parking lot bill. So every time one of you that are members pay your dues I am getting a free ride and that is wrong.

    If the Assault Weapons Ban is defeated in Washington who do you think is going to be responsible? It Will be the NRA, the GOA, and JPFO to name three. Not only will every gun owner of America get the benefit of those organizations hard work so will every American be saved from other organizations that want to take our rights away.

    Next payday I am going to invest in 3 more organization. GOA, JPFO, and TSRA. I might even join the Illinois State Rifle Association even though I don't plan on ever going to Illinois.

    Joining Organizations that protect our rights is almost like joining the military to protect our freedom.
    Timmy Jimmy

    If it is not in the US Constitution then the Federal Government should not be doing it.

    "Carrying a gun is a social responsibility."

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    NRA (Life member)

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    ORA (Oklahoma Rifle Association)

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    NRA and CCRN of MN.

    Certified Instructor for Minnesota Carry Permit
    NRA Pistol and Personal Protection Insrtuctor
    Utah Permit Certified Instructor

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    The thread worked! I became a Life Member of NRA today! I decided to become active in all aspects of the RKBA issues.
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    Nra, Saf, Leaa

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    I haven't joined any mainly because I am busy with school and work and so I would feel bad joining but not able to contribute to the organization. Hopefully, when I finish school, I will be more dedicated. I was invited to join the FreeMason organization but the meetings were on every thursday when I worked. Out of all organizations/clubs I really, really want to join is BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) and Shriners because they do great work that benefit children and I firmly believe that NO child should suffer.

    Sorry for the rant, I just had coffee, long study nite.

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    NRA, GOA, USCCA & MSSA (Montana Shooting Sports Association).

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    Not only do I belong, but I am a leader of Ohio's foremost gun rights organization, Buckeye Firearms Association! Besides the NRA, Buckeye Firearms has done MORE for Ohio's gun rights in the past 2 year than any other organization.

    I am also a Life member of the NRA!
    Member of the National Rifle Association's Board of Directors Buckeye Firearms Association Central OH Chair
    NRA Instructor/CCW Instructor/Realtor
    2009 NRA Sybil Ludington Women's Freedom Award Recipient

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