Preaching to the Choir

Preaching to the Choir

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Thread: Preaching to the Choir

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    Preaching to the Choir

    First off again Prayers for the familys who lost folks in the VA shooting. May they find some peace and closure as time goes on .

    I am sending my daughter off to a higher education institution here in Colorado come fall of this year . She is 22 and starting college, having decided an education might be a good thing after experiencing what life and work are without one . I fully support her choice and will lend what support i can ( financial and otherwise ) . With that in mind on to the meat of the post .

    Virginia Tech
    16 April 2007
    Armed foreign student Cho Seung-hui goes on a shooting rampage on campus and shoots over 50 unarmed victims, killing 32 before committing suicide.

    Virginia Appalachian School of Law
    18 January 2002
    Armed foreign student Peter Odighizuwa goes on a shooting rampage on campus, shoots and kills 3 unarmed victims before an armed student stops him.

    for any who need it here is a link to the appalachian incident info

    In a conversation last night with my son and his wife , my daughter , and my wife the burning question that went unanswered was not Why this happened , but How it could . The why it happened will never make sense to any rational human . The how it happened makes no sense either .

    The students all had available weapons to use , be it throwing a book bag , or a chair , or whateaver at the shooter while rushing him , and he was vastly outnumbered by his victims ( at least at the second scene ) . Acts of " Passive heroisim " are beginning to come out now , such as the 75 year old Holocaust survivor Liviu Librescu who was murdered while barring a door with his body . Where I ask are the " Active acts " ? As i understand it now ( tho this may change as info develops ) Students and possibly staff meekly keeled to be executed.

    For me at least the lesson learned here is not necessarily that we need to change our ccw laws to allow carry everywhere tho that is self evident .

    The Lesson I see is that we must change the way we raise our children , instilling a strong sense of right and wrong , and the will to combat wrong or evil acts and people . We must start standing up to the PC Nazis in our homes , and in public . Violence is never plesant , and is in fact always traumatic for all involved . Sometimes tho it is inevitable . The shooter was Violent , the only possible reaction is also violence. Had some " Violent kids " acted this incident would have been ended much sooner .

    I will end this post with a plea ..

    Stop insulating your children/ grandchildren /nieces /nephews from life , Stop the all fighting is bad bs , If your kids stand up for someone and get in trouble for that , then support them , fight the school fight the daycare , hell fight anyone who trys to instill this attitude .

    Bullys must be met with force , be they a preschool kid who takes a toy from another or a VT student who takes lives from others . Whatever the history of Cho Seung-Hui's life , at the end of it he was a bully .

    Once he decided to take gun in hand people were going to die, the way the kids involved were raised and taught insured his bodycount would be high.

    It is past time that we return to teaching self reliance and personal responsibility in all aspects of life , from the cradle to the grave . If we dont teach it ourselves the lessons that life teach are too harsh to contemplate . Lets lobby for realistic carry laws , but frankly with the attitude shown by most in this situation it may not have made much difference . Remember 30 of the 32 murdered were murdered after police were on campus , so they were not much help . The true tragedy here imho is that groups of folks did not choose to help themselves .
    Make sure you get full value out of today , Do something worthwhile, because what you do today will cost you one day off the rest of your life .
    We only begin to understand folks after we stop and think .

    Criminals are looking for victims, not opponents.

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    Choir member reporting in Bob - and with you entirely.
    Chris - P95
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    Good post. We need to be raising MEN not sheep.

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    - Sir Winston Churchill

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    Redneck Repairs for President!!!

    We need to hear this stuff more and pass it along to our children.

    Bully's only understand one thing: overwhelming force!
    fortiter in re, suaviter in modo (resolutely in action, gently in manner).

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    Right on Redneck. My kids know that they should avoid violence, but if they are attacked, they are to defend themselves and eachother viciously. Even if expelled, they will not get in trouble at home for a "justified shoot(fight) and they know this. They also know that the fight isn't over when they hit the guy once or get hurt themselves. It's over when the other kid can't hurt them anymore. My boy is much more attentive to this stuff than his older sister. Genes, I guess.
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    one of the guys on my student senate took the president of my University to task today in an open forum.. he cited both of the cases you mentioned...

    will be interesting to see what happens...
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    There is always hope with some in the next generation.

    My daughter went to college right after high school. She then decided it wasn't for her & joined the Army. She's now overseas with her husband who has been to Iraq (TWICE).

    I know that she has turned out all right, plus she even shoots well.

    So even when we are surrounded by sheep.........we can rest a little knowing there are some new sheepdogs to help keep the wolves at bay..........if the government will allow the tools to utilized......
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    Choir here too, but "off key" (tone-deaf.....LOL)

    Our son got suspended for fighting at school at the ripe old age of seven - he took on a bully picking on one of the "challenged" students. He got movies and other rewards from Mom & Dad. Still outrageously righteous at times, at 26.

    Your daughter will do likewise - good parents - good values - she's a smart kid - cause she learned from the last couple of years!
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