Evil gun ban states

Evil gun ban states

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Thread: Evil gun ban states

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    Evil gun ban states

    Now i live in a " free " state so untill another post on another forum this did not occur to me ( and it related to pre ban vs post ban mags and the ability for one to own/buy them ) So from all you members in restrictive states ( by that i mean any state that regulates past federal standards ) just what can you/we do in commerce . Can you purchace high cap mags , or a foreward vertical grip for your ar , can you buy and assemble that 120$ ak kit ? I am remiss on this , but i am shure i am not the only one who doesnt understand YOUR restrictions , please post them .
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    No crazy restrictions here in Az...yet.

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    Now that pre-emption is in effect in Ohio the only real restriction I know of is the state-wide ban of magazines that hold more than 33 rounds. But I have never really looked into that, because I don't feel the need to buy a drum mag for my AK.

    All of our "Assault Weapons" bans were city ordinances, which have been voided.
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    In Kalifornia, no high cap mags, no ARs (unless the mag is fixed at 10) ,no AKs, no fun anythings unless you had it before the ban, and registered it as an "assault weapon". My HK G3 is duly registered, but to my knowledge, it has never assaulted anyone, so it is a misnomer. Sorta like the best diet; if it tastes good, spit it out...
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    We have a mirror of the 1994 AWB here in NY so anything made before 94 is grandfathered. Anything after that has to be less than 10 rounds as far as magazines go and can't have the "parts count" of evil features that would make something an assault weapon under the old federal law...the law doesn't do much really...since the expiration of the old federal law a lot of preban stuff has flowed into NY and you can find just about anything you want as long as it was made before 94. Beta C Mags are still very expensive though because there aren't many people that sell their prebans to us. (shameless begging: I'd be happy to ship a brand new beta to anyone that has a preban in trade since I was stupid enough to sell mine)
    NYC is a different creature though as they have their own city AWB...as do some other the other larger cities in the state, but for the most part it really isn't THAT bad...well except for the ban on most NFA items...some DDs and AOWs are legal here but no SBS, SBR, MG, Suppressors.

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    Bob from Southern New Hampshire
    No restrictions in New hampshire
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    MA has the same ban that the Feds had in place from 1994 to 2004, except that it is Permanent!

    Pre-ban is OK, post-9/13/94 mags must be 10 rds or less and no evil features on "new" so-called SAWs.

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    I love Florida...free and clear here...and all that with sun too!

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    No restrictions in Montana.

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    We're gun cool here in PA but, no brass knuckles.
    Doggone I miss my knucks.
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    No full auto here in OZ, but from what I have seen, everything else is good to go.
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    No suppresors, FAs, SBRs, or SBSs in MO.

    As for state law, we are good to go on full-cap mags, building kits, forward grips, brakes and hiders, folding stocks, and ice cream with an unlimited number of toppings applied.

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