VCU Student Body Self Defense Bill

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Thread: VCU Student Body Self Defense Bill

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    VCU Student Body Self Defense Bill

    A friend of mine got a copy of this from someone and sent it along to me. I will type it as accurately as possible:

    VCU Student Body Self-Defense Bill
    Sponsored by Sen. Latimer

    Whereas, we are all deeply saddened by the recent event at Virginia Tech;

    Whereas, a more prepared Student Body and, indeed, citizenry, could have ameliorated the crisis;

    Whereas, Section III. A. 4 of the VCU Rules and Procedures states that "no person either singly or in concert with others, shall willfully have in his or her possession any firearm, other weapon, or explosive, regardless of whether a license to possess the same has been issued";

    Whereas, the Commonweath of Virginia presently issues concealed carry permits on a shall-issue basis to its law-abiding citizens;

    Whereas, responsible, well-trained individuals exercising their right to concealed carry would be beneficial to securing the expected level of safety in the University environment;

    Let it be hereby resolved, that the Virginia Commonwealth University Monroe Park Campus Student Government Association supports striking III. A. 4 from the VCU Rules and Procedures.

    Further Resolved, that the SGA respectfully confirms students' rights to conealed carry on campus, provided that all legal requirements are lawfully met.

    I was told it is supposed to be "presented" tomorrow..whatever that means. This is all I really know about it. Just thought I'd share it...

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    We'll watch for more on that billthat one. It would, if passed, be a good precedent for other states....
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    +1 to Bumper

    Passage of a bill like this, real or not, would set Richmond apart and put them at the head of the class for other towns to follow suit. Bloomberg's group of Mayors might be in trouble..
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