More than just wood and metal.

More than just wood and metal.

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Thread: More than just wood and metal.

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    More than just wood and metal.

    You know, growing up with a gun cabinet at home is sometimes a little bit of a liability in that your opinion of what's a good gun and how to best use it most effectively is always swayed by your childhood experiences.

    Sometimes this is good. For instance I think the world of Marlin rifles because my first jin you wine shootin' iron was a Marlin. I knew how to clean and handle a gun before I ever shot one. When I received my first plastic toy gun I was taught the four rules of gun safety and internalized them at a very young age. I had to obey all rules of gun safety or my toy guns were taken away from me. My parents were slick.

    Sometimes this is bad. For a long time I thought the .357 Magnum catridge was the end all beat all. It's still my favorite handgun catridge but I realize now it's just another catridge swimming in a sea of choices. My mother, God bless her, had me believing for a time it's essential to become a good marksman so you can shoot people in the knee.

    But overall it's paved the way for me to explore better tools, better methods, and to seek more education on the subject. I think I at last realize how much I just don't know and that's a good thing.

    Now I say that to make a serious point and a not so serious point. I've recently found out that my mother will receive one of grandpa's rifles. The thought of that makes me very happy. The fact is that while it's never been the center of my life, being a responsible gun owner is part of me. And it's not the guns that are important either, it's the values they stand for.

    And yet I sit in a minority. How many Americans don't have that sense of heritage?

    Now that's the serious part.

    Now for the not so serious part.

    It's that complete lack of heritage on some people's part that gives us some real, er, well, interesting ideas about guns. Even though I've come a long way in unlearning some misconceptions at least I had a fundamental knowledge base to work from. Some people don't even have that.

    You know the guy, the one that "knows all about guns".

    Here's some things I have been told, mostly by my students, but a lot are from adults just to be fair:

    The AK 47 is the only fully automatic rifle you can legally buy.

    The only gun anyone would ever need is a Desert Eagle. It's more powerful than any rifle and it shoots shotgun shells too.

    The reason a .357 Magnum revolver is so powerful is because the bullet is actually bigger than the firing chamber. That lets it build up lots of pressure.

    Most semiautomatic pistols hold 2 or 3 clips with about 15 or 20 bullets in each.

    I've got an MP5 that shoots .45's and 9 millimeters.

    (Said while pointing to the muzzle) You put the bullets in here and they fall down into the magazine and then they're ready to fire.

    (Said while making fingers in a gun shape and aiming sideways with a slight forward thrust on each accented syllable) Gat! Gat! Gat!

    (Said while looking at a picture of a Colt revolver) Where do you put in the clip?

    Most modern handguns fire far more powerful catridges than what the U.S. Military used in World War II. No one needs a gun that powerful.

    Back in the day, most guns were made out of pot steel and that's why they were black. The rich people would have guns made out of silver.

    I want an AR M4 SKS-47 with a gyroscope and two green lasers.

    I've heard more but these are funniest ones I could remember. Honest to goodness real quips, even if they are from my hazy memory and thus not word for word.

    My point here is not primarily to amuse, but rather to lament. I fear we fail to see sometimes what we really lose when the guns come out of the houses. We lose something more important than mere guns: we lose knowledge and skills, and in the process, we lose our heritage.

    How do you think our great grandfathers would see us?

    How do you think the ghost of Jim Bowie feels about Texans not being able to possess a Bowie knife?

    How can we insult our veterans this way?

    The cost of losing private arms is too much to pay. Yes America will be an ever changing landscape, but let's watch what we change into.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Euclidean
    Here's some things I have been told, mostly by my students, but a lot are from adults just to be fair
    With all of those statements you list, you are definitely around the wrong people.

    How do you think our great grandfathers would see us?

    They would probably look at us with the same disdain that is commonly used when "country people" come in contact with "city people". They would probably shake their head in disgust....

    How do you think the ghost of Jim Bowie feels about Texans not being able to possess a Bowie knife?

    He would probably wonder why he ever wasted his time and put his ass on the line for what we have become.

    How can we insult our veterans this way?

    It's easy when society becomes backward. Our society now makes certain they protect the rights of the criminals and turn their backs on the rights law abiding citizens. It's the same society that insures they "rehabilitate" those that have broken our laws and ignore those that have risked their life on our behalf. We tolerate too much that we shouldn't and don't tolerate what we should. I hate it.
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    Red face

    All hope isn't lost...I am amazed whenever I go to the range that the number of "families" that enjoy this endeavor. I see youngsters, both boys and girls being "coached" by mom and dad in the proper handling and use of all sorts of firearms. Anymore, a public range is about all that is available for shootin. In the sixties, at least here in Texas, you could go down under an overpass to a river and shoot targets to your hearts content...not anymore.....sorry, digressing here a bit. Bottom line I believe is that it is everybody's obligation to teach their kids the proper use and respect for firearms to the point that it is just another "tool", and one that might save their or their families life someday

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    I want an AR M4 SKS-47 with a gyroscope and two green lasers.
    Well, gee whiz, Euc, so do I. It's possible that one laser could burn out.

    As you know personally, I'm at wits end explaing to the brain-dead what motorcycling is all about. People who are experts in one field maybe totally dense about another. The truly intelligent folks research their blind-spots before they open their pie-hole.

    I'd be happy if these idiots will just keep living and working long enough to underwrite my Social Security. If too many of them shove their appendages into electric outlets, my checks could bounce.

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    Despite being born Brit - I have a distinct heritage interest - all the more so now since being here. There is great history in firearms and that should be continued. I regret having no pieces in my possession that were family hand-me-downs but - see all my guns as reminiscent of times gone by - and it is that heritage that I wish to protect.

    I wish heritage mattered more to many - instead of just the two cars, paycheck and golf on Saturday mornings!!! Too many heads in dark warm places.
    Chris - P95
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