Until we can get back to a time where the only gun law is the SECOND AMENDEMENT, something that needs to vigorously pushed by PRO-SECOND AMENDMENT GROUPS.

Is carry law like Alaska and Vermont has: Concealed Carry for all CITIZENS (not Subjects) "without" a permit and Open Carry for all CITIZENS (not Subjects) "without" a permit anywhere in the State they live in except for Federal Property.

The individual States could pass this type of law on their own without permission for the Federal level.

See www.packing.org for Vermont and Alaska laws with links to their State govt office web sites.

Grassroots / States level organizations could get the process started then the National level really PRO-SECOND AMENDMENT organizations could provide additional support.

Would the NRA, GOA, SAF, SAS, and AFM support this type of State law ?

No permit required, No training required, strap on and go - Concealed or Open Carry just like Vermont and Alaska.