Canadian gun reg' - failure.

Canadian gun reg' - failure.

This is a discussion on Canadian gun reg' - failure. within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Being Canada it is not specifically 2A but - otherwise in principle reflects much the same for analysis. Hardly surprising anyways that any registration should ...

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Thread: Canadian gun reg' - failure.

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    Canadian gun reg' - failure.

    Being Canada it is not specifically 2A but - otherwise in principle reflects much the same for analysis.

    Hardly surprising anyways that any registration should fail to ''control'' or ameliorate any crime figures - just another way to stifle gun ownership by legal folks.

    Canada`s Gun Registry Has Not Improved Public Safety

    CNW Group

    Canada`s homicide rate and number of gang-related murders has increased since the federal government`s firearms registry and licensing program was implemented, an indication that the program has failed to improve public safety, according to Hubris in the North,
    The Canadian Firearms Registry, a new report from independent research organization The Fraser Institute.
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    Imagine that Criminals not obeying the law, who woulda' thunk it....

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    So........anybody want to place bets on what the government will do next:

    a) Will they scrap the ban & let ordinary citizens have guns again?
    b) Will they pass MORE anti-gun legislation to 'fix' the problem?

    I know where I'd place my money................
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    They just need stricter gun laws, after all it worked so well in G.B.
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    Gary Mauser has been a great assest for Canadian shooters and just recently appeared as a witness in a court case to help a gunsmith who has been charged with not registering and careless storage. He is also based in Vancouver and I hope to be able to buy him a beer one day.

    to give you an idea how useless it is:

    2 years to register my .303 & .22 they mailed me a letter saying my application was incomplete, I phoned them and asked what was missing....
    The answer: My mailing address
    My response: So how did manage to send me a letter........?

    Just recently I bought a M14 clone, took them 1 1/2 months to complete the transfer.

    They use the reciever as the firearm, many old guns have serial numbers stamped on the barrel, so if you change the barrel the serialnumber changes. Other guns like German Mausers apparently don't have unique serial numbers which screws up the system, so they issue a sticker with a serial number, however the stickers comes off if you clean the gun.

    One guy registered his Black & Decker heat gun

    It's only cost us around 2 billion dollars and they have to lie about the numbers to try to make it sound like it's working. Apparently something like 4 million guns disappeared when they took over the previous system from the RCMP. (handguns have been registered since 1934)

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