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Kicked out of Barnes & Noble!

This is a discussion on Kicked out of Barnes & Noble! within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by packinnova Perhaps that's part of the problem. You all seem to see everything as having to win public opinion... Quite frankly, I ...

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Thread: Kicked out of Barnes & Noble!

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    Quote Originally Posted by packinnova View Post
    Perhaps that's part of the problem. You all seem to see everything as having to win public opinion... Quite frankly, I give up on "public opinion. My view is public opinion be :CENSORED:. We've been fighting public opinion in a neverending (and never will end) battle for way too long. Perhaps what is needed is for the other side to win politically speaking and start their gestapo power. Then, perhaps maybe, just maybe folks would wake up and realize that the pot we're in is no longer luke-warm, but rather boiling and we're going to be the main course.
    If we manage to get enough public opinion turned against our cause, our rights as we know them could indeed be in jeopardy. You may well be willing to take up arms to defend your rights by use of force but I doubt it and if you did it's not likely you would win. With all due respect, you seem to have a naive view of the reality of the matter. What Britain has is the reality you could expect if overwhelming public opinion turned against your gun rights.

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    Hello to all, new guy here (first post), retired LEO and all I can say is I can't believe I read this entire thread. These replies are nothing more than conjecture on everyones part due to the lack of information, statements from all involved, or direct knowledge from being physically present to witness. In other words there is too much unknown for intelligent replies to the original post IMOHO.

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    Those individuals with political power will succeed in dis-arming America through the tried and true strategy of divide and conquer. The polarization caused within just this small community from such incidents is disappointing.

    Could the original poster have been more courteous and cooperative to the officers? Definitely. However, I would be upset if I felt a right I strongly believed in was being infringed upon, and I bet many here would as well.

    Could the officers have acted in a more professional manner when dealing with the original poster? Again, yes. However, I would be upset too if an armed stranger was being uncooperative, and again, I bet many here would be as well.

    Incidents should be used to educate (both citizens and law enforcement) and strengthen the second amendment community, not expose weakness to those who would dis-arm.

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    wow lots of good discussion on ths one

    my $.02:

    some people comment/tell others how it is, etc. looking at the situation from their particular state and the laws may be different than where the incident took place...I think we all forget that when we post replies, keep in mind when you attempt to set the record straight that when in Rome.......

    OP was legal from what I can tell, no argument there...HOWEVER....
    OP could have cooperated more (with name, ID, willingness to work with them from the start), attitude is everything on both sides of this issue (btw: if this had been Texas an arrest would have been valid for not showing ID, etc...IMO its NOT a good idea when a LEO is responding to a weapons call)

    on the other hand.....if the LEO heard the mgr tell the OP that she did not ask him to be escorted out...they should have been man enough/professional enough to explain that they were handling a man with a gun call and they just wanted to make sure everything is harm on either party that way and everyone would most likely be happy, but thats all hindsight and OMO

    as for the hearts and minds, etc......we as gun owners, hunters, fisherman, CCW, etc etc etc....we do have images in the media, and in the 's we need to make bad examples of ouselves? heck no, we need to show everyone how responsible we are in these type of situations...lest we make bad impressions....and impressions have the most influence at the ballot box
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    If loose gun laws are good for criminals why do criminals support gun control?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 64zebra View Post
    (btw: if this had been Texas an arrest would have been valid for not showing ID, etc...IMO its NOT a good idea when a LEO is responding to a weapons call)
    Unless TX law has changed in the last couple of years, he would have been arrested for open carry, as was not legal when I left 2 years ago. You are correct, however, that he is required to ID himself to authorities as a CHL-holder when asked for ID.

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    Anyone else think this thread has run it's course??

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIGguy229 View Post
    Anyone else think this thread has run it's course??
    Yes, sometime immediately before the very first post but, that's just my own personal opinion.
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    The bottom line can be two conclusions:

    1. Sometimes the police need to be kept in check.
    2. Party A's fear is not justification for Party B's rights being violated.

    Probably wouldn't have amounted to much, but when the local law enforcement is corrupt, call the State Police. If the State Police blows you off, call the FBI.
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    There is little to be gained by further input on this thread..

    So stick a fork in it its done.

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