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Ken Jenne, enemy of "assault weapons," likely faces felony charges

This is a discussion on Ken Jenne, enemy of "assault weapons," likely faces felony charges within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Ya know Sometimes when a person works that hard at being a horses ass,it really pays off for them....

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Thread: Ken Jenne, enemy of "assault weapons," likely faces felony charges

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    Ya know Sometimes when a person works that hard at being a horses ass,it really pays off for them.

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    It's nice when things turn out right. By by Ken Jenne. Things have a way of getting back to those who don't follow the rules.

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    Often times, Karma will sneak up and bit those most deserving right on the ass. This appears to be one of those times.

    Nice to see it happen isn't it?
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    The sad part is, I don't hold out much hope that he'll be made someone's girlfriend in prison, because the man is that freakin' ugly.

    In the pic with the NAACP kids, he looks like an older version of that kid Corky from "Life Goes On".
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Ken Jenne, enemy of "assault weapons," likely faces felony charges-ken-jenne-antigunner.jpg  

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    Jenne is a typical Democratic party hack............he is a populist, has always been an anti and always will. I can only say that I'm overjoyed to see a felony conviction and his removal (for a while, at least) from the political scene......Really, guys, professional politician = crook!!!

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    I'll never forgive Jenne for his blatant lies on the gun issues. He once set up a demonstration for CNN as to the lethality of the so called assault rifles when compared to their full auto big brothers and he set up a bunch of concrete blocks out at the BSO range. Had one of his officers fire both an AR15 (semi) and an M4 (full auto) at the blocks. BUT as later came out, he instructed the shooter to deliberately MISS when the M4 was used. Then destroying the blocks made the AR 15 seem even more lethal than the full auto M4!

    To me that is the absolute height of corruption and elitism. Worse, CNN KNEW. They were called out on live TV by Wayne LaPierre right after it happened. I think the Deputy who served as the shooter maybe came forward, I don't fully remember. But CNN and Jenne wound up with egg on their faces but neither were exactly repentant. Their attitude was: Oh well you got us this time...but we're still gonna win...
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    I personally don't know Sheriff Jenne, but.....

    I think someone ought to give him a free supply of depends before he heads off to prison and Jailhouse sex education class taught by Jethro; I think as a former LEO he will probably have retention problems.....

    Good Work, Floridians!
    "Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined". - Patrick Henry

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    Quote Originally Posted by tanksoldier View Post
    I wanna know what THAT'S all about. Why would his secretaries pay him $10,000?
    Sounds like he was selling them something...
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    Jenne resigns, will plead guilty to criminal charges

    Jenne resigns, will plead guilty to criminal charges BY WANDA J. DeMARZO AND JAY WEAVER

    Sheriff Ken Jenne, shown taking questions from reporters during a press conference about the two shot BSO deputies in 2006, has resigned and will plead guilty to federal corruption charges.

    Broward Sheriff Ken Jenne -- at one time the county's most powerful politician -- has resigned and agreed to plead guilty to federal corruption charges involving tens of thousands of dollars he allegedly received from sheriff's office contractors and employees, sources said Tuesday.

    After months of personal anguish, Jenne decided Monday to cut the plea deal on tax evasion and other felony charges to limit his prison time because he also was staring at an imminent grand jury indictment on more serious fraud and money-laundering offenses, sources said.

    The U.S. attorney's office plans to file the charges, plea agreement and proffer statement involving the allegations against Jenne on Tuesday in federal court in Fort Lauderdale. The plea agreement means Jenne, who earned $169,800 a year as sheriff, will surrender to authorities to face tax-evasion related charges as early as Tuesday afternoon.

    Jenne will likely serve some prison time -- possibly between one and two years -- and have to pay back taxes and fines to the Internal Revenue Service, sources said.

    Jenne, a lawyer who spent most of his life in public service, also will likely lose his Florida Bar license and sheriff's pension because of the felony conviction. His pension is estimated to be about $125,000 a year. In the plea, Jenne is expected to admit to abusing the public trust, sources said, a concession that will hurt his post-conviction effort to save his pension.

    Jenne, 60, cleaned out his office on Sunday and sent letter to Gov. Charlies Crist and to Broward Sheriff's Office employees about his resignation Tuesday. Jenne could not be reached for comment.

    ''We are not commenting at this time,'' said Jenne's attorney, David Bogenschutz. ``We might make a statement later this afternoon depending on the events of the day.''

    With Jenne's departure, there has been widespread speculation that someone from his inner circle, like Colonel John Auer or Major Al Lamberti, would succeed him until the governor could appoint an interim sheriff.

    Auer, who joined BSO in 1982, has been a member of Jenne's inner circle for the last few years and is considered a strong candidate to take over the reins of the agency until the governor fills the vacancy. Lamberti has been a career BSO officer and has widespread support among deputies and other personnel.

    Tuesday morning, BSO spokesman Elliot Cohen said he did not know who ''is running BSO,'' and was waiting like everyone else to hear. Jenne's conviction ends the dynamic career of a Democratic politician who had formidable clout from Fort Lauderdale to Tallahassee.

    Indeed, it was Gov. Lawton Chiles who appointed the former state senator as Broward sheriff in 1998, drawing snickers from many who questioned his lack of experience in law enforcement. But Jenne's ambition bolstered the agency, which nearly doubled in size -- to a $696 million budget with 6,300 employees and 14 cities under its control.

    Yet as Jenne's political profile spread across Broward -- with three reelection victories as sheriff -- his financial ambitions would lead to his eventual downfall. Jenne's career began to unravel in April 2005. Then-Gov. Jeb Bush ordered the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate the sheriff after The Miami Herald revealed he had concealed the names of businesses that paid him tens of thousands of dollars for his consulting services.

    The probe led to a federal grand jury case that uncovered Jenne's acceptance of more than $100,000 in unreported payments from BSO contractors who do business with his agency as well as from his two secretaries.

    Jenne's lawyers and the U.S. attorney's office declined to comment on the plea agreement, which was brokered in part by a former top federal prosecutor, Thomas Scott, who joined the sheriff's defense team at no expense last week.

    Until the end, Jenne continued to maintain a high profile as Broward's top cop -- especially after the Aug. 10 fatal shooting of a BSO sergeant. Jenne took to the airwaves, including an appearance on America's Most Wanted, urging people to call in tips to help capture the killers.

    The seeds for the case were planted in 2005, when The Daily Business Review and The Miami Herald began to investigate Jenne's security consulting and outside income. The investigation revealed Jenne had set up one business, named Havloc, with two of his top commanders, and he also set up another company, Knodishall, primarily to receive the outside income as a third party for reporting purposes on his income-tax returns.

    In total, Jenne's businesses reported making $64,000. The sources of those payments: a consulting firm, T&M Protection Resources, which advised the Seminole Indian tribe on security matters; and a high-tech company, Innovative Surveillance Technology, which has sold equipment to the Broward Sheriff's Office.

    But federal prosecutors Michael ''Pat'' Sullivan and Matthew Axelrod uncovered that the sheriff was doing more than moonlighting.

    In 2002 and 2004, Jenne allegedly asked his two secretaries, Marian Yoka and Alicia Valois, to cash in their accrued sick and vacation days so that he could borrow the money from them, according to sources familiar with the transactions. The money -- totaling more than $10,000 -- was intended to be a loan, but Jenne never repaid the secretaries, sources said.

    Jenne also allegedly turned to a developer friend and asked him to lend Yoka $20,000 -- money she gave to the sheriff to help cover his income-tax bill in 2004, according to the developer's lawyer. The developer -- Philip Procacci, who leases three buildings to BSO -- told investigators that he believed the loan was intended for Jenne's secretary and was unaware that she gave the money to her boss, Procacci's attorney, Edward J. O'Donnell Jr. said.

    Jenne repaid the money through Yoka after FDLE investigators began to question him about his personal finances in the summer of 2005, according to Procacci's lawyer and law-enforcement sources.

    Jenne also allegedly received about $5,500 from the second BSO secretary, Valois, according to sources familiar with the transaction. The secretary received the money as payment for outside work she performed for Lewis Nadel, the former president of IST, the Broward vendor that had hired the sheriff for security consulting services, sources said.

    The grand jury, which issued subpoenas for some 20,000 BSO documents and a dozen agency employees, focused on Jenne -- despite the involvement of others in his alleged schemes.

    Along the way, the IRS joined the investigation.

    In August, an IRS agent testified about irregularities in Jenne's finances. Prosecutors questioned the agent about how Jenne allegedly collected more than $100,000 from sheriff's office contractors and others without reporting it on his recent income-tax returns, several sources said. He also failed to report much of that outside income on his state ethics disclosure forms for 2002-06.

    Before the late Gov. Chiles appointed Jenne as Broward sheriff, Jenne had been earning nearly $1 million a year as a law partner with attorney William Scherer. Their firm earned up to $2 million a year in legal business from one client alone, the North Broward Hospital District.

    Jenne's tax return for 1998 shows that in his first year as sheriff, he earned $143,415 -- a fraction of his reported income the previous year, $907,486.

    Jenne's financial disclosure forms filed with the state ethics commission show that since 1998, he had unloaded properties, stocks and other assets to supplement his earnings as sheriff. His personal debt climbed by $119,000 and he cashed out more than $427,000 in assets, his financial records show.

    His bank accounts dwindled from $174,424 to $14,723 in 2002, according to his financial disclosure forms. By 2004, Jenne had sold some Republic Security Bank stock -- valued at $238,329 -- and two Lake Worth properties, together valued at about $120,000.
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