Online Poll - Should college students carry guns on campus? (please Vote)

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Thread: Online Poll - Should college students carry guns on campus? (please Vote)

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    0450 hrs. Voted Yes!

    Yes 79%
    No 21%
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    Voted Yes...
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    I read some of the remarks posted on this poll and a couple other polls. What I learned from the other poll remarks was that the poll takers at this site seem to be extremely lopsided to the left.
    This poll is shifting more and more to the 'approve to carry on campus' side. I don't know if this is because more 'liberals' are realizing the logic in allowing 'law abiding citizens' to carry in historical 'gun free zones' or if a lot of 'gun owners' have been directed here to take the poll.
    Latest poll results were at 82% for and 18% against.
    That definately can be considered pro-carry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry View Post
    Well - I think I voted yes but the metro station deal was somewhat confusing!
    That's because the Express is a mini version of the Washington Post handed out at the DC area Metro stops. When I voted I just picked the one closest to my house. If you are outside the metro area the station thing won't mean squat!

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    Interesting though. No matter where you click, it's always in considerable favor of permitted concealed weapon license holders to carry on campus.

    Do I sense an awakening amongst Americans?


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    Just voted.......83% yea---17% nay

    Some uncommon sense on this poll?
    People taking thier own saftey as thier own responsability?
    "Just getting a concealed carry permit means you haven't commited a crime yet. CCP holders commit crimes." Daniel Vice, senior attorney for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, quoted on Fox & Friends, 8 Jul, 2008

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    83 to 17

    Reading some of the anti statements, they are the usual nonsensical statements. "It would make it worse" has got to be the dumbest one. How could 33 dead innocent people be worse? Alas, I preach to the choir...
    eschew obfuscation

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    85% yes
    15% no
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    i vote yes

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    85% to 15% in favor last I voted YES

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    I voted yes! I think some people got emotions instead of brains.
    I'm too young to be this old!
    Getting old isn't good for you!

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