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NRA Board member against assault weapons

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Thread: NRA Board member against assault weapons

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwrincross View Post
    As an NRA life member I am saddened by a former Texas Ranger being against the ownership of a gun based soley on its looks. To limit the clip to 5 rounds is sad as well. If this is his real thoughts then he probably was extremely happy with the Clinton Assault Weapons ban of past years. Remember, sometimes people say things in the heat of the moment and then later thing, "why did I say that". Hopefully, later he has come to regret his statements.
    I am more upset by the fact that he is actually in support of more government control in limiting the lawfull use of these weapons by law abiding citizens. He strikes me of being with the popular mindset of "that does'nt have a purpose for hunting." (When did the government aquire the right to tell me, a free man the purpose for the private ownership of my firearms ?) He is suppossed to be pro 2nd Amendment, safeguading the rights and liberties of a armed and free society. I wonder what his view is , or what his definition is of "the 2nd Amendment." I just have to wonder.
    Do not get me wrong here ,....I am a proud member of the NRA and am very proud of LaPierre's debates with Rebecca Peters of IANSA, as well as his PETA debate. On the other hand, here lately they joined up with McCarthy to pass what I consider "anti- gun" legislation for what appeared to me as a pathetic attempt at public relations after the Virginia Tech massacre.
    I say all of this because I do not think that the LEFT has a elaborate plan to come in to confiscate all of our weapons . But,...I do see that over time, our rights and liberties are slowly being legislated away in the name of security, safety and "the common good." This is a fact which is happening at a allarming rate , and the NRA is helping to pass legislation which enables this process !People these days seem to me to be blind to the encroachment upon our rights ,....and to bring these truths to light opens the door to being labled "paranoid" or "anti government." I am neither . I am pro liberty, and pro rights. I would like to think that the board members of the NRA feel the same way.
    There are many people out there who view the NRA as being wealthy skeet shooters hanging out at the country club , or out hunting ducks. The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with that. I am starting to wonder where these people stand on the the 2nd Amendment,....the verything which they are there to defend and protect. If they are not there to do this,...then either they need to go, or I need to go. The points and purpose made by Larry Pratt and the GOA are very clear and specific. Again,....if things do not change,....the GOA will be the ones getting my money. Some may think me as being a wacked out extremist. If you want to know where I really stand, the writtings of Paine, Madison , Franklin and Jefferson.
    Benjamin Franklin once stated that if a person were to be willing to sacrifice essential liberty for government protection, then he deserves neither liberty , not protection.....I agree with this statement. It just doe'nt seen to be very popular in this day in age.
    Again,...Sorry for the RANT.( I had better get off of this soap box before some knocks me off of it. )
    Guns cause crime like flies cause garbage.

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    "Old Marines never die, we just smell like it." USMC 71'-83'

    Stay Safe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad_Max View Post
    The bottom line, is that the Democrats have control of Congress right now. They are looking very strong in the Presidential election and Hillary could be our next President.
    And Fred Thompson is in today's paper announcing the date on which he will announce his run for president.

    I am given cause to feel very good about our chances to retain our gun rights given that Fred Thompson plans to run for president. I think he'll win. The Republican convention is not entirely stupid: they are gonna see that HE, above all others, has the hugest draw (and the fewest drawbacks) of any other candidate.

    I understand he was treated for some sort of cancer. Let the Dems try to hang that on him as a liability. Let them try to say that a cancer survivor doesn't have what it takes to be president. Hooo-boy it would be fun to see them hop around trying to apologize for that one!

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