Another threat to 2A

Another threat to 2A

This is a discussion on Another threat to 2A within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; From : In pertinent part: "Researchers believe the condor, North America's largest flying bird, may have ingested lead paint or soil contaminated with lead ...

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Thread: Another threat to 2A

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    Another threat to 2A

    From :

    In pertinent part: "Researchers believe the condor, North America's largest flying bird, may have ingested lead paint or soil contaminated with lead bullet fragments.

    Scientists at the zoo were not able to determine the source of the bird's lead poisoning, said Dr. Janna Wynne, a veterinarian with the Los Angeles Zoo."

    Doesn't drive you crazy?! It does me! The first paragraph above is so veiled anti ... oh those poor, poor, defenseless condors eating lead those nasty, nasty gun-nutz leave around...

    What about other lead sources? What about the lead foil in those x-ray packets the hygienist or dental assistant jams in your mouth. Oh, those poor birds being abused by the evil American Dental Association and its minions!

    Wait a minute! I just checked other lead sources... This from:

    (Note the prestegious Cornell!!)

    "Sources In the Home
    Lead-Based Paint-Present on many surfaces in homes not recently rebuilt or remodeled
    Lead Pipes-More common in older homes
    Lead Solder -On pipes and water heaters
    Enameled or Ceramic Pots and Dishware-Improper glazing can leech lead into foods
    Paper Wrappings-Holiday paper and party decorations (10g/kg)
    Food Packages-Polythene plastic bags, flour bags(20mg/kg),cardboard boxes with dyes (50mg/kg)
    Candy Packaging-Candy bar wrappers(7g/kg), Colored sports trading cards packaged with gum(88mg/kg)

    Although lead paint chips are still the most common source of acute lead poisoning, candy wrappers and food packaging are of particular concern because they are in direct contact with immediately consumed items. It is important to keep these items from being consumed, chewed or licked."

    Mmmm....where's the bullet?

    Which just adds to my point. There is this anti-gun theme running in the media which is pure ... well I have been once chastised for altering an explitive on the board, so let me say ... is pure anti.

    And the second paragraph illucidates that even further! The holy grail of <<SCIENCE>> hasn't a clue where the offending lead had come from. Alas! Our savior journalist has planted the most probable source in our minds, namely the wicked gun owners of America!

    (Candy wrappers???? Where's the outcry??? We're poisoning our kids!!!!)

    Uh...where's that rant off button? .... .... .... click!
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    Wow, hit a nerve did they? I must agree though, many are quick to blame something they either dislike or don't understand. For the anti's this is usually both.

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    They have already made up their minds, so don't try to confuse them with the facts...
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    Never mind that the whiney biased media forgot to report on all those folks who are alive because they had a gun at the right time. They are more interested in the death of one bird. i gotta puke.

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    Lead comes from the ground anyway.

    Lead in its natural state is lead. You only refine it to remove the impurites.

    I'll bet that the bird ate a toy from China that someone chunked when they found out it had lead based paint on it.
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    From this story I see that the "yellow" journalism I studied about it high school hasn't changed much in 40 years...I suppose if they reported the truth, they wouldn't sell many newspapers or have good ratings.
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    SO one BIRD Dies from a lead source they haven't even determined its origin. Now blame the guns because they shoot LEAD. UMMMMMM RIGGGGGHHHHHHTTTTT<-----Doctor evil style.

    I blame the vets for not providing good enough care to save that poor birds life.
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    I would switch to depleted uranium or tungsten, but the feds don't really care for that idea (AP ammo, it's for the children).
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