How's this for another anti type move? (WI)

How's this for another anti type move? (WI)

This is a discussion on How's this for another anti type move? (WI) within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; OK - this is planned for WI - and is so classically potentially intrusive and restrictive - it takes the breath away! I am all ...

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Thread: How's this for another anti type move? (WI)

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    How's this for another anti type move? (WI)

    OK - this is planned for WI - and is so classically potentially intrusive and restrictive - it takes the breath away!

    I am all for fair treatrment to animals - meaning no gratuitous cruelty but this, well ........ wonder how it might affect bona fide hunters too. Craziness.

    Bill Seeks to Make Animal Abuse Equal to Domestic Abuse in Wisconsin

    Introduced by State Senators Fred Risser (D-26), Tim Carpenter (D-3), and Julie Lassa (D-24), Senate Bill 162 seeks to make harm or threat of harm to an animal a form of domestic abuse, potentially meaning the loss of ones Second Amendment rights.

    SB 162 is outlandish because it not only equates animals to humans, but it does not include a definition of what harm or threat of harm is. Animal rights extremists could consider the training of hunting dogs or everyday treatment of dairy cattle to be "abuse."

    Please contact the members of the Senate Committee of Judiciary and Corrections and respectfully urge them to vote against SB 162 when the time comes.

    Read More:
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    What if I tag a squirrel with my car? Is that vehicular homicide???
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    Hmm, wonder how they expect people to hunt , if this stupid law was in effect?
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    Or, people like my family who own farms with cattle.. Would butchering a bull for meat be homicide?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocky View Post
    Hmm, wonder how they expect people to hunt , if this stupid law was in effect?
    My guess is that they don't.

    What about the mounts hanging on my walls? Would I be considered insane for hanging body parts from my walls?

    Friggin MORONS!!
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    Once they give animals the same rights we have we'll go to jail for "aggravated assault" just for pointing our weapon at a deer.

    - unless we can prove that we were in fear for our life & that the deer had the means to kill us or cause us serious harm & was close enough to be able to do it.

    Looks like us hunters will be going to jail if this stupid legislation goes through.
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    Rats, mice, flies, mosquitioes, lice, ticks, and snakes are all animals. A walk through a park, mowing your lawn, or driving your car will kill many, many animals. Good luck with that new law!!!
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    I dont abuse animals when I hunt.

    I try to kill them nice and quick like.

    If they thrash around and make lots of noise I just shoot them again.
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    Ya can't fix stupid..

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocky View Post
    Hmm, wonder how they expect people to hunt , if this stupid law was in effect?
    They don't. Didn't you notice they're democrats.
    Pardon me if I just offended any democrats but they never cease to amaze me with their lack of logic.
    Here you have four of them sponsoring a bill that proposes that a person would lose their 2nd amendment rights if that person threatened to shoot a dog. Yet they think it is A o K for a woman to walk into an abortion clinic one day before she is expected to deliver only to have the doctor pull the babies head out so he can cram a screwdriver into the base of the babies skull and twist.
    How do these nuts get elected into office?

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    Why should anyone involved in domestic violence lose their 2A rights in the first place?

    If they're convicted of a felony-level crime, then ok, but otherwise they should never lose their 2A rights, as those are Constitutionally protected. In fact, I don't think anyone who's not in jail should lose their 2A rights. If they're a danger to society, they should be in jail. If they're not in jail, they're not a danger, so they should have all the rights anyone else does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 500Mag View Post
    What if I tag a squirrel with my car? Is that vehicular homicide???
    Quote Originally Posted by rocky View Post
    Hmm, wonder how they expect people to hunt , if this stupid law was in effect?
    Now you're getting the picture. Those are the effects that such extremism represents, such attempts at ruling the lives of others. It's about population control, nothing more.
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